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MLB.com: Asking price for Santander is “insane”

Sports Guy

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What they ask for now is irrelevant.  As the article says, you always hear teams are asking for a lot this time of year (which is always dumb to me but whatever).

If a team is good with Mancini in the OF, that is huge for us.  Wonder if the Os put him out there at all over the next 6ish weeks?

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I feel its a basic truth of the trade deadline that anything that completes this far in advance probably is a good outcome for the seller.

On July 30/31 you may get a snapshot of the true market value of Jonathan Schoop. Kevin Gausman minus Darren O'Day, etc.   

I suppose perfect storms like Machado on the 2018 Orioles where Duquette has like, gasp, four things to do in two weeks can give some cromulent finishes earlier in July.

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He’s under our control for more than 3.5 years to come. Unless he goes on a tear and someone is willing to make us a great offer I doubt we deal him this year. I wouldn’t be shocked if the guys we move are Galvis and/or Fry. Depends how desperate other teams get at the deadline. 

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12 minutes ago, Sports Guy said:

Yea, it’s pretty poor to think they could get that, at least right now.

And it’s equally bad to say if they don’t get that, that they should keep him.

Agree I don’t think there’s any reality in which they get. 

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