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Rays are calling up MLB’s #1 prospect(Wander Franco). Will MLB’s #2 prospect(Adley) be next?


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I don’t think we should call up Adley, but I do think we should call up a competent catcher, a better third baseman, and make no mistake any third baseman in the system would be no worse, and some other players who could help the team without precious service time being an issue

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19 minutes ago, Explosivo said:

No, this has been discussed. It does nothing for this year. It starts his clock early. There is zero reason to bring him up early other than maybe selling some tickets

I don't think it would move the needle at all on ticket sales. 

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1 minute ago, Aglets said:

No he isnt coming up in 2021 at all.   This has been the plan all along and Elias has shown no signs of deviating from it.

But impatient Orioles fans want to see Adley now and shorten our window of opportunity. Impatient Orioles fans are like kids touring Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. They want their candy NOW!

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