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6/20: A Losing Day On The Farm


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    • Im glad the O's are being proactive and at least inquiring. Wasnt sure that was the case with JA at the helm. 
    • To be clear, I'm not really saying I don't like him or rate him very highly. I do. My main point is I think other teams are underrating him. They want the top guys. They're not going to get them. And we may not get a pitcher. That's how things look as of 12/7/23. 
    • And plays in the dirt (2B, 3b, & SS in a pinch).  He’s fastest guy on team not named Mateo.  By all accounts is one of the most disciplined and hardest workers in the org (comments coming from his colleagues).  The underrating of Westburg on this board is crazy.  The dude put up 1.2 WAR in 68 games in his rookie season.  Thats a 3 WAR player who is just getting his feet wet.  Kjerstad is a nice player but pretty one dimensional. 
    • How many of these guys have options. That becomes the real issue 
    • I don't necessarily disagree about Westburg being equitable to Cowser, but I will hard disagree about Westburg being equitable to Kjerstad. I don't see Westburg's power translating as well as we'd like. Plenty of guys hit AAA home runs, but they aren't facing 97 with run and devastating sliders on a regular basis. To me, he's in the Cowser category that sort of exists between the top guys and the next tier. But that's not how I think other teams see it. Perhaps I'm just feeling a little sour about the current trade climate. But if Elias is drawing the line at Cowser, we may have a problem acquiring a frontline starter. 
    • Besides Holliday, Mayo, and Basallo, I think Westburg has as much wow factor as Kjerstad and Cowser.   The dude hit 18 homers in half a season at Norfolk, held his own in the majors and plays plus defense at 2B and 3B and he’s one of the fastest players on the team. Westburg in 158 AAA games. 121 runs, 40 doubles, 5 triples, 36 home runs, 128 RBI I say, wow!  
    • Should we start a post-winter meetings thread? I'm impressed that we managed to keep almost everything in this one thread instead of creating a bunch of rumor threads. 
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