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Biggest ZiPS misses at the break - numerous current and former Orioles included


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Most underrated hitters: Cedric Mullins is 5th with a 151 wRC+ compared to a projection of 90.

Most overrated hitters: Anthony Santander is 12th with a wRC+ of 77 compared to a projection of 112.

Most underrated pitchers: John Means is first with an ERA- of 53 compared to a projected 110 (for ERA-, the lower, the better)

Most overrated pitchers: Dylan Bundy is 2nd at 155 ERA- compared to projected 96; Jake Arrieta is 4th at 157 compared to 104; Matt Harvey is 13th at 178 compared to 137.

Its pretty bad when you are projected to have an ERA- of 137 and exceed that by 41 points.   137 would have been pretty terrible in and of itself.  


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48 minutes ago, DrinkinWithFermi said:

To be fair, I don't think any mere mortal could have predicted Mullins' borderline MVP-caliber (so far) 2021 season.

Even his own mom probably thought the best case scenario for his career was "strong side of a platoon."

No doubt.   I’m looking forward to seeing how he does in the second half (final 73 games).   

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