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Idea of an "Era"


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I've got a great idea and although it isn't O's related I am hoping it can stay on the O's Talk forum for a little to get some views since most are and not on MLB forum.

While watching highlights this morning they were showing the standard Bonds highlights and everyone waiting for the homerun. And I got to thinking....I wonder how much the #756 homerun ball would be worth since there is so much steroid contreversy surrounding the record......

Then it hit me......If I were to catch that ball you know what I would do???

I would instantly pull out a Sharpie and put a nice bold asterisk on it!!!!!! Seriously.....you know HOF will want the ball......the ball is everything....and the asterisk is everything....they will go hand in hand forever. If baseball doesn't want to put an asterisk next to the record in the books at least this way the ball will have it.

What do you think??

I'm going to find San Fran's fan forum and start spreading the word....I would love to see this happen!!!!

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