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Leandro Arias - International prospect

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    • Again, it's more of an on base issue for me than a slugging issue. .309 is not an OBP that will fly with Mullins. Plenty of hitters are succeeding in this environment. And yes, a lot aren't. And it's early of course. The thread is merely me noticing where the anchors are on the offense currently. These two guys need to find a way to get on base more. If Mountcastle isn't going to slug this year, fine, but if that's the case I want to see him use the whole field and have better ABs. 
    • Hey it's one of the biggest artists around covering that joke band that aren't for real.  😉 They will also be touring with him later this year.  
    • Yeah, I’m just talking about this season.  
    • Is it this binary?   Let’s say there’s a 1 and a 2 and to you they’re very close but you have a slight preference for player 1.  However, player 1 is demanding $2.5 mm more than player 2.   I can see choosing player 2 even if you think player 1 is the BPA by a narrow margin.    I’m not saying any of this applies this particular year (though it could).   I’m just speaking hypothetically.    
    • 1. It's May 24th.  2. The last time a full MLB season saw an OPS as low as .689 was 1981.  Probably won't stay this low, but we haven't seen offenses like this since today's 50-year-olds were in elementary school. Just look at the list of very good MLB hitters with OPSes in the sub-.750 range. Christian Yelich, Corey Seager, Anthony Rendon, Nick Castellanos, Jorge Solar, Fransicso Lindor, DJ LeMahieu, Wander Franco, Cody Bellinger, (start dipping below .700 here) Jose Abreu, Charlie Blackmon, Bobby Witt, Bo Bichette, Yuli Gurriel, Justin Turner, Salvador Perez.  Jonathan Schoop is slashing .169/.217/.287.  Nelson Cruz is OPSing .584.  It's early, and it's a pitchers year like we haven't seen in more than a generation. Plus, did anyone really think Cedric Mullins was going to be a .900+ OPS hitter for the next 5-10 years? I'll be happy if he settles in at 110-120 OPS+ with good defense in center and good baserunning. Two years ago he was completely written off.
    • He is pouring his heart and soul into it for Preller in a year the Padres are stretched past $200mm and have Manaea, Musgrove, Clevinger and Taylor Rogers in their walk years.    He and Tatis are great for each other, but if Tatis proves a flimsier cornerstone than Rutschman another 1.5 seasons...Rendon left Soto.    Not that the Angels are getting strong return on their Rendon, but Rendon isn't the player Machado is. I'll be bugged in 2025 if Adley and Grayson don't have a Correa-Harper-Machado level teammate, especially if Gunnar, 2022 pick 1-1 or anyone else can flirt with that level themselves.
    • Really, the only reasons for Elias to NOT promote him for this start are: super-2 and wanting him to debut at home.  I'm not sure it's necessary for Grayson to debut at home. Sure, Rutschman debuted at home, but they didn't really market it all that well. They didn't announce it early to really allow for a great attendance bump. They played it up with some pomp and circumstance, but they can do that for his home debut the following homestand. 
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