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Per the Sun, O's looking at Izturis


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Izturis had a .980 FP last year. Juan Castro had a .977 FP last year. If you call .003 "leaps and bounds"....then you are right.

Fielding percentage doesn't tell the whole story. Look at plus/minus, RZR, OOZ... I think he was ranked in the top 5 SS's by The Fielding Bible. Castro and Izturis and in different universes defensively.

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Where did I say Greene was a long term solution?

At least Greene has some upside and could potentially be a long term solution for us.

But it is far from a guarantee.

A guy like Hu should still be at the top of our list.

My bad. Must have misread what you wrote. IMO I'd rather have Greene than Hu. I'd rather take a chance on Greene bouncing back than hoping Hu pans out, plus we probaly could get Greene cheaper.

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There are young short stops out there that can be had and the Orioles really need to move on this. Signing Izturis would be a huge dissapointment to the fans and would actually be a drop in offensive production at the SS position if one can believe that.

Chris Valaika

Brent Lillibridge

Cliff Pennington

Jason Donald

Why are we not looking to trade for one of these blocked prospects? I hope Andy gets his mind right soon and stops trying to fill the SS with a powerless defensive stop gap. This is becoming increasingly frustrating by the day.

These teams want a guy like Tillman or Arrieta as well as another prospect in exchange for their prospects. I agree with not trading top pitching prospects.

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I am suprised with all the love for Olson. I just didn't see anything with his short time in the Majors. Throw out the stats for a second, just watching him. I just didn't see ANY FB command at all. I mean it appeared that he had no idea where it was going.

Did it have some movement? Yes. But it just looked like ML hitters didn't bite on those pitches and the ball wasn't going where he wanted it to. Even in the starts where he had good results.

I mean I remember reading something rating our system and a couple years ago they had "Best Changeup: Olson". Where was it last year? I was expecting someone who set hitters up with that pitch, but I hardly ever saw the thing.

I just don't see much value in Olson, even though he is under our control and cheap for the next couple of years. I don't see him other than a BP arm after '09.

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