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Wednesday, September 29: Lowther takes on the Red Sox

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49 minutes ago, Bob said:

hard to stay sharp when you haven't thrown in two weeks

Doesn’t really matter. He’s one of many warm bodies that will be pruned before December. I see you feel strongly about the topic and that’s ok. Personally I’ll be sad to see Watkins go, but go they will, and many others.

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    • I trust the Orioles mental process coaches are doing what they can to protect Mountcastle's Zen and not let him get too despondent.     The algorithms don't care the outcomes Contact Quality and Frequency X and Y produce, but it probably isn't realistic to hope the same for Ryan Mountcastle and his aspiration to make hundreds instead of tens of millions during his livelihood.    A fair deal to lock in some of his arbitration price points might be good medicine all the way around. Mancini can talk candidly about The Wall as a veteran with free agency almost here...Mountcastle has nothing to do but just keep barreling as often as he can.
    • I think we are entering a phase where there will be an increase in the sense of urgency.  I am fine with Mateo at SS and he is not without talent.  But he isn't a SS on a competitive team and so he will need to step up or we need to identify a replacement.  I mean this is a good thing, and I really don't disagree with what you are saying, but we can't really just wait indefinitely to grow a competitive 26 player team.  The clock has started.
    • How about we go further down the line and trade Mancini for Jackson Merrill- the Severna Park SS they drafted in the 1st round last year? https://www.milb.com/player/jackson-merrill-701538  
    • I assume you are talking about for the longer term — not trying to trade for a better option in-season.  At this point, I’d rather let Mateo have the exposure this year and see how he does.  Chances are will will want a better option for next year, but we may as well give him his shot this year now that we’re 43 games in.  
    • Mullins has seen his FB rate increase and his launch angle increase.  His hard hit% isn’t as high but it’s really close to last year. I think less grounders and more flyball are likely leading to some of this. He is also swinging and missing more, walking less and chasing more outside the zone pitches.
    • Are we willing to take on cash to buy a prospect?  Instead of paying Correa $30 million a year, we could buy CJ Abrams.    Mancini and Santander for Myers, Voigt, and Abrams.    We’d take on 60% of Myers $23 million, 60% of Voigt’s 5 million. That’s $17 million to buy Abrams plus, trading Mancini and Santander. We could trade Myers for whatever since we’re paying him. Stick Voigt at DH the rest of the season and hope he rebounds or DFA him in the offseason. 
    • Unfortunately Peralta seemed to regress back his crazy wild days again after working so hard to keep that under control. Kinda started to like him a bit last year and though the might be ok in a bullpen role, but he's been a disaster this year. I never was a Lebron guy. Very hittable fastball and nothing to get major league batters out consistently.  Cruz was a gangly, shockingly unathletic looking first baseman who had no business making it out of the FCL. His best quality seemed to be that he looked like a good teammate who was positive on the field. He had a decent raw power tool but couldn't transition that to game power against higher level pitching. 
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