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Saturday October 2 at Toronto: the day all the announcers break out the word penultimate

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35 minutes ago, Philip said:

Ok, a question for the crowd. When anyone can come in to relieve Means, why Wade? He did badly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. 

It was looking like a blowout and you need 5 innings from the bullpen, so you bring in someone who can pitch multiple innings. That's Wade or Watkins, and it looks like those two are covering those 5 innings.

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16 minutes ago, SteveA said:

As he takes a perfect game into the 6th I'll ask again: why hasn't Tanner Houck been in the Boston rotation all year?  I think he would have been better than Richards or Perez.

He would’ve been a better alternative than Wade.




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    • He’s not as fast or as good a defender as McKenna, but he seems to be the much better hitter.   I could see him playing the role of 4th OF who can play CF.  Ironically, the desire to keep Rutschman in the lineup every day by using him at DH or 1B will make it hard for the spare outfielders to get at bats because Mancini is forced to the OF when Rutschman isn’t catching.  
    • The only problem is that the Orioles haven't made one draft pick you'd call "high risk" high up in the draft or anywhere in the draft for that matter.   I mentioned Reggie Crawford myself but it seems unlikely to me.
    • Tony, please tell me he is better defensively than Stewart. D J may have been the most inept OF I have seen in years.  Neustrom seems to have a better reputation, although obviously he is no Mullins or Hays, although I have not seen him live. Stewart was definitely cringeworthy out there.  Your insight is appreciated. 
    • I'm a fan of Mateo and maybe higher on him than some. To me, he's not a guy you write in to be the SS in 2023, but I don't know if I hate him as the starter at SS and batting ninth if you solve 2B and 3B with better options than we've seen so far. All that said... Ideally, I would LOVE if the Orioles addressed SS with a Correa, Bogaerts or Turner in the offseason, went with Henderson at 3B and then left 2B to be a competition with Urias, Mateo, Westburg, etc. Urias and Mateo are both guys that likely fit better in a bench role, but if either (not both) is the weakest link in the lineup, hitting at the bottom, I don't see that as a terrible thing. 
    • It’s a snapshot in time.  Mullins has been higher at other points this season.   He’s been cold the last 12 games (.449 OPS) but I expect he will heat back up.   Mountcastle really hasn’t gone on an extended tear this year like he did a couple of times last year.  So, we’ll see.   But I really don’t like his approach at the plate.   He helps the pitchers out way too much for my liking.   
    • Watkins has thrown between 57 and 81 pitches in his starts this year. Even if Grayson is limited he wouldn't be any worse than what we've got. 
    • No offense but Mundy, Bowens, and Teter look like non-prospects so far.   
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