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Angels want Peavy AND CC??

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On my thread about Which one would be the best rotation I noted that the rotation would have:



3.E Santana



Jered Weaver would be traded in a Peavy deal.

That would be the best rotation in the MLB as none of the pitchers had an ERA over four. Saunders could be our ACE if we had him, while he would be the fifth starter in the proposed rotation.

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The Angels are notoriously stingy with their prospects. I think they'll make a push for Sabathia, but I find it hard to believe they'll deal for Peavy.

Thaey can part With Jered Weaver, Sean Rodriguez, Peter Bourjos, and Jeff Mathis for Peavy.

Whoops, I just wasted my 500th post!

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That's a dream. They'll likely not get either. Don't have the prospects for Peavy and the wherewithal to go against the big boys for CC.

While getting both may be unlikely you are wrong on both accounts. They most certainly do have the prospects for Peavy and they ARE one of the big boys. Moreno is a billionaire.

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I don't think they'll be able to pull this off, but if they somehow were able to, it would quite easily be the number one rotation in the majors. Definitely would make a 4 game series in LA pretty terrifying..

The problem is a couple of those games would still be in Fenway...

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    • Isn't there an advanced metric that measures the spin on the ball coming out of a pitcher's hand vs. the spin as the batted ball rockets past one's head?
    • I happened upon a quote (and I failed to find it for @Frobby sometime ago but the quote was something along the lines that he grew up playing 2B and felt most comfortable there and that he still considers himself a good 2B despite having played SS the last few years. I believe that quote was taken from him prior to him being drafted but again, I had to stop citing it because I can't find it. 
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    • I have stated that I believe that he will improve. 100% I think he will improve but I also do not believe that he is ever going to be the best defensive option at the position and on a team like the O's who have gone out of their way to prioritize defense up the middle, I just don't see him being the guy there unless they give him the Manny treatment at the end of his tenure with the O's and potentially market him to other teams as a SS for trade value. Eventually I think they can they stick him there if they absolutely have to do so and he won't butcher the position but he's not going to be a good defender. That's my feeling. Perhaps they eventually can live with the subpar D there if it increases his trade value when the time comes. Maybe he will shock me and improve enough to be good there. I doubt it...although David Eckstein had a long career as a SS in the majors despite MAJOR physical limitations and generally poor defense as a SS.. and he was not half the offensive player that JH is going to grow into. 
    • I don’t think this discussions matters for what the team does this year.  In the NFL, elite tackle prospects get drafted and play guard their first year.    Zero about this conversation has to do with 2024, deal the first half of the season.
    • They believe he could play SS if that’s what the team needed him to do.  But it appears that’s not what the O’s think is best for the team now, and it’s likely he’ll be at 2B a long time if that’s where he gets most of his reps this year.   This really isn’t very different than when Manny came up.  He was drafted as a SS, played almost nothing but SS in the minors, but the opening was at 3B because the O’s had a very good defensive SS.   So he played 3B, excelled there, and when he tried moving back to SS 5-6 years later, he wasn’t all that good there and moved back to 3B.   It wasn’t because the evaluators were wrong about Manny when he was drafted.   It’s just how his career developed.     
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