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Il BuonO

Astros vs Red Sox at Fenway 10/18

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10 hours ago, Il BuonO said:

I’m happy for ERod, he’s pitched well.

Pitched very well. What scares me is this Red Sox offense is REALLY starting to roll. And just at the right time.

As much as I keep hoping, I don't think anyone can take them down right now... :(

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    • This is sort of like Tony’s power rankings, but I’m evaluating players based on my expectations and hopes for them going into the season.   Here’s the rules: nobody’s allowed to be stagnant.  Their stock is either up or down. Guys who haven’t played yet due to injuries are stock down so far as I’m concerned because I hoped they’d be playing by now.  DSL/FCL guys are excluded since their season hadn’t started. These grades may seem harsh in some cases, but remember, the standard is what I hoped or expected.  Stock up: Rutschman, Rodriguez, Hall, Henderson, Norby, Bradish, Bautista, Rhodes, Williams, Haskin. Stock down: Mayo, Cowser, Stowers, Westburg, Kjerstad, Rom, Pinto, Lowther, Baumler, Baumann, Ortiz, Vavra, Young, Willems, Deson, Servideo, Rangel. I didn’t include Basallo, Hernandez or Trimble (who we knew was out for the year).    Just because I put someone on the stock down list doesn’t mean I don’t think highly of them or that I think they can’t bounce back.  It just means I was hoping for a bit more.    
    • He will need to adjust better both in game and between games as hitters have seen him more and he needs to be less predictable the second time through .. otherwise he will be a bullpen guy. 
    • FWIW Eno Sarris on this weekend's Rates and Barrels podcast guessed Top 15-20 come midseason re-ranks based on a seemingly flawless AA breakout while still 20 (seasonal age 21). Colorado's opposite SS this week Ezequiel Tovar also looks like a main rival for an Eastern League MVP award I really hope he doesn't get the playing time to challenge for.
    • Hopefully batting skills wise he's just having whatever Coby Mayo was having last year at this time.
    • He also doesn’t have to reach that ceiling right away. We’re still rebuilding and he’s taking his lumps in his first taste of MLB games. 
    • How’s the defense and speed?  His he just a bat?
    • Went to the game last night, and had a lot of fun. Brought my own food/water & spent the money on beer. For a 16oz local beer thought the price was reasonable for a stadium (paid several dollars more for a lower quality beer at Merriweather last weekend, and the prices at the PGA in OK this weekend are a lot nother level of crazy). Left at the end of the game and got the souvenir ticket. Just overall a cool atmosphere with all the cheering for Adley, several people around us had bought tickets today for that purpose. And got to see his first hit
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