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Pick me, over here. boo me for $5M.


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Joel Sherman of the NY Times is calling Andy Pettitte a phony if he signs with anyone but the Yanks. He said he should be booed.

Apparently the Yanks have offered Pettitte $10M to sign. However Pettitte doesn't want to take a pay cut.

Personally I think if Pettitte can get $15M somewhere else, he shoud take it. Get Booed for $5M is a pretty good deal. I know I wouldn't mind being booed for $5M.


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Well, your link didn't work, so here's a working one: LINK

I can see where Sherman is coming from, but I really disagree. If Pettitte can get more out of another team, he should do so. It's not like the Yankees can't afford to match/beat it. I guess I just generally side with the players when it comes to issues about team loyalty and whatnot. Sure, they stood by him during all the steroid mess and whatnot. What else could they do? He's been a solid pitcher for them. Had he not been a $16M pitcher for them, or had he been a poor pitcher for them, would they have stood by him just the same?

The bottom line is: baseball is a business. Pettitte is 36, and coming ever closer to the end of his career. Why should he take what could very well be a lowball amount on a one year contract? If another team is going to give him more money or more years, why shouldn't he? Because of some perceived loyalty from the Yankees organization? You might see it as loyalty, but I just see it as protecting a $16M investment.

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