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Red Sox sign Pedroia to 6/40 deal


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Dustin Pedroia, the AL Most Valuable Player, will be a member of the Red Sox through at least 2014.

This is such a ridiculously good deal for the Red Sox.

Wins ROY in 2007 and MVP in 2008. They buy out his 3 arbitration years (which could have awarded him $30M itself) and 2 years of free agency.

This was definitely too good of a deal to pass up for Pedroia.

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If you consider that they basically could have awarded him $500k for 2009, this is essentially a 5/$40M deal. Definitely a lower offer than I would have expected, and certainly should keep Nick's demands down a little bit. I still think it'll take a 6/$60M type deal to extend him, but he probably could've asked for more a day ago.

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Mildly interesting article on the process

The phrase "ooze intangibles" makes me nauseous. Also, it sounds like Jed Hoyer did all the work and then Epstein got all the credit. This would really cheese me off, but I suppose he's used to it by now. Assistant GM seems like the worst job in the game to me. All of the guts, none of the glory, 10% of the pay for the same hours and the same work, and if the GM gets fired it's probably curtains for you just as well. Count me out.

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