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I've seen this kid ranked about 10th in various places, and usually 2nd best pitcher available. That said, I think he's a guy I'd be taking a long hard look at for #1 if I'm the O's.

He is a HS pitcher, which almost certainly knocks him down in Elias' eyes, but he also would likely sign significantly under slot. Plus, it goes without saying that the O's could use more arms in the system.

I love the profile though. Mid-upper 90's FB with room for growth. Elite changeup already. Working on curve/slider, but has value there. Room for physical projection. Great student. What's not to like? Well, I don't love his mechanics, but think a relatively minor tweak could make his delivery a little less violent.


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    • Is extended the right term? We don't buy out any of his FA years, correct? I read this as "you're going to be injured most of 2023, so let's agree on a very minimal raise". 
    • Peralta was a staple of top 30 prospects lists for years. Peralta or Keith Reed hold the title. 
    • 103 and 105 OPS+ is disappointing.  They are core hitters in the line-up.  If our best hitters are slightly above average, that's not a good sign.   Mounty seems to be a tough luck case a bit for his power numbers.  His xBA is .324 vs. actual BA of .258.  xSLG is .565 vs. actual SLG of .403.  But those expected stats are really out of line from his prior to years.  Average EV is 91.4 (3 MPH higher than league average) and HH% sits at 47.8 vs. league average of 35.6.  His BB% is anemic.  But he'll get his counting stats. Mullins' pull rate has gone up 18% (from 32% to 38%).  And IF/FB ratio is jumped nearly 100% (from 14% to 25%).  All while his BB% has dropped by nearly 33% (from 8.7 to 5.7).  Feels very similar to Westburg and Cowser.  He's gotten power hungry and needs to get back to going with the pitch.  Not sure Mullins will get back to 2021 numbers, but there's upside in there as well.
    • Plus, the pitches are just data, and it's cosmically meaningless if Pat Valaika or Rafael Devers is batting third. Grayson alas hasn't proven he can handle the Gwinnett lineup with its Valaika centerpiece.
    • Lyles has been fantastic in terms of what we need him for. He's doing the job well, clearly likes being here and playing for Hyde, and "for the boys" has been a fun little meme.  We had to pay a lot for him, but few guys do what he does and stay healthy, so it was clearly worth the price, especially with Means down. And it's great that a FA pitcher is praising the organization like this and having success. That goes a long way in helping build a new image along with the wall. 
    • That’s why these are power rankings and not prospect rankings. Once Kjerstad, Basaillo, and Hernandez debut it will push some of our fringey/older pitching prospects down. The draft in July is going to help as well.  Plus the DSL starting. 
    • If I'm a pure marketing consultant, next homestand sales I feel are maximized if he shows well against the Red Sox. Agree on the dog and pony aspect, and expect Grayson's family to get the same love Adley's did.   Here is where the pregame show being produced from Camden while the team is on the road could be problematic.   They can't have their goosebumps moment on the panel with Rob Long if their son is in Boston. Maybe Kevin Brown or Scott Garceau could pull something together in a Fenway hallway. Or....Roy Firestone, where are you?   There's this gig this weekend the Orioles might need a little help with.
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