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Schmuck: O's interested in Hairston, M's may non-tender Bedard?


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From Schmuck:

Rumination: I mentioned yesterday that Jeremy Guthrie and Erik Bedard (left) were using the winter meetings as an excuse to get together. Turns out, Bedard had a more compelling reason to come. Saw him in the hotel lobby yesterday talking to Angels team orthopedist Dr. Lewis Yocum, who performed the cleanup surgery on his shoulder. Later ascertained that Yocum came in so he could re-evaluate his shoulder.

Rumor: The Mariners may non-tender Bedard even though the outlook for him pitching a full season this year is much brighter. The Orioles still need two decent starting pitchers. You do the math.


I'd certainly be interested.

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Guest rochester

Hmmm...just a hmmm... if, by chance, Bedard came back to B'more does that really mean that someone would rather play in B'more than somewhere else - maybe the grass is not always greener? just hmmm..:scratchchinhmm:

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