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Terps win the bowl game big, but is this a turning point?


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Good article here on the game but the key here is this a turning point? Virginia Tech was certainly down so I' not sure you can take too much from the score, but the talent certainly looks like it was starting to show up on both sides of the ball.


Here's the 2022 Signing tracker.


The early signing period was not great but he did flip two players from in state. Locksley needs to recruit better linemen and needs a few stud lineman and linebackers especially after lsing two of best two young linebackers to the stupid transfer portal.


He also will need a replacement for Tag so a good QB of the future would be a good get in this class as well!

So I'm not sure if this is a turning point or not. It's not good to see good young talent leaving but it's a tough sell to stay at MD if you have a chance to go to a school that can actually compete in the Big Ten and with the big boys.

This will be a huge recruiting year for MD football. if he can't get some studs MD will always just be a .500ish team at best.

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I agree Tony, especially about the offensive line. Maryland O line constantly gets pushed around like jv against varsity. The fix may be way more simple than what most of us think though. Maybe they need some new thinking with the strength and conditioning program.

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