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C.C to the Yanks.... does this hurt us?


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This deal hurts us on opening day because we have to face him. After that the guy will be getting booed if he isn't perferct.

CC hasn't excactly been a big game pitcher lately, and if he can't rise to the occasion he will be very sorry he signed with NY.

The media and fans will be all over him if he starts slow or finishes like A-Rod. He did both last season and finished like A-Rod the year before also.

He just put a lot of pressure on himself and he has not lived up to the pressure the last two seasons.

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Here's the latest on MLB.com blog:

"A seventh year and significantly more compensation -- roughly $20 million more -- apparently is what prompted CC Sabathia to accept the Yankees' offer early Wednesday morning, MLB.com has learned. Though the agreement isn't finalized and neither the widely reported offer of $140 million nor the final figure of $160 million is precise, the Yankees are moving forward as if they have their hands on the pitcher they wanted most.

And forward, in this case, means pursuing two other free-agent pitchers -- Derek Lowe and A.J. Burnett -- though the club wants to sign one, not both."

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He's going to have to be awfully good for the next three years to be able to opt out of that kind of deal. It's a little different than the kind of numbers AJ was looking at.

Or not happy to be playing with the awful pressure the NY media puts on him.

If the guy can't stand the NY scene and media, he's made enough money in three years to move on and accept a lower contract and have more fun playing where he's happy.

I think that is why the opt out is in the contract. Not like the Burnett case.

CC might just not like it in NY or can't handle having to be perferct or being considered a loser.

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