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Guardians extend Ramirez


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This makes me happy, seeing a small market team that clearly has budget constraints keeping its quiet superstar player.   Reported terms are 5/$124 mm, and I believe it kicks in after 2022, though I’m not 100% sure (Cleveland already exercised a $12 mm option in his prior, very team friendly contract).


Truth is, Ramirez probably left some money on the table, but he should be able to feed his family.  

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Yea, I was surprised to see the deal be so cheap but he will be starting this contract when he turns 30.

Still, I think he could have made more if he had a good 2022 season.

BTW, in an upcoming offseason with so few big names available in free agency, cross one of them off the list.  All of those, we can spend money later, arguments start to go away when there is no one to spend on.

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Happy too.   

I see the Yanks-Red Sox already rained out for tomorrow afternoon, giving those clubs one more day with Judge, Bogaerts, Devers, etc. before the season starts.

I saw at the fancy Dodgers-Angels LA preseason shindig Trea Turner gave an answer that the Club has not made him any long-term offers, despite his willingness to listen.

Elias runs a good ship, and I have a small hope these 48 hours could bring something pleasant, whether Mountcastle, Mullins, Rutschman, Means or Rodriguez.    Even if it is just something settling a price on Mullins arb years, and a signing bonus to make him a multi-millionaire for the first time.    Mountcastle's $1.3M signing bonus was 13x Cedric's 100k.


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