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Sun article bashing cartoon bird

Sports Guy

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The author personally dislikes wearing a cartoon on his head.  Argues that cap should be “classier” like the “MFY’s!  That pretty much destroys his argument.  Just his opinion, will probably get lots of clicks.

Now if he wanted to voice his displeasure with the seventh inning stretch song…… I would be on board!

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49 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

That's a joke right?  


I didn't read the whole thing  but that's got to be a joke.


The Oriole bird is racist is a better joke.

I'd like to think he is trolling, but I think he is dead serious. Archived link so you don't have to mess with Baltimore Sun's website. 


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This guy is in the minority but that goes without saying.

Nearly 4000 fans on this site ranked the cartoon bird 8th.


Also I don’t know how many people I meet out here on the west coast wearing the cartoon bird cap who aren’t even Orioles fans but it’s quite a few. 

Personally , I like the cartoon bird swinging the bat but maybe not as the official logo. 

“For me, this is definitely top third material here. Not many MLB teams have the mascot head as a cap logo. A pair of eyes staring back at you on an insignia is already more clever than your standard bold letters. Very interesting logo.”

“It’s cartoony but not too silly.”

“This is probably my favorite hat logo and I think it will finish near the top. It tells so much more about the team than the hat logos that are simply letters. If you didn’t know anything about the team, you’d immediately recognize that the team’s mascot is a bird and that they play baseball, as the mascot is wearing a baseball hat. It also has a cartoonist character to it that helps appeal to pretty much every age group.”

“The Orioles have one of the most unique cap insignias. Notably, it includes a cap in the logo itself. I would guess that this will be in the middle with some lovers and some haters. The Orioles have a less-common color scheme and a more interesting symbol than the majority of letter-combination insignias.”

“This will be in the top half of the rankings. It’s such a distinct and clean logo compared to the rest of the league that it is hard not to tell which team it represents. It is one of the most marketable logos despite the team’s performance.”

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