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Cesar Prieto 2022


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13 hours ago, MurphDogg said:

Finally got his first walk tonight, two in fact, along with his third home run to cap a 2-3 night. Line now sits at .311/.333/.533. Hopefully he keeps it up and finds his way up to Bowie before too long.

I think it's looking like the right call to start him at Aberdeen. This is the kind of line you'd hope to see (albeit you'd hope for more walks but he's just getting his feet wet in the system), and all he needs to do is keep it rolling. He'll be at Bowie as soon as they decide to move Westburg up to AAA, basically, because it's a log jam.

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1 hour ago, Sports Guy said:

Hit another homer tonight.  They need to consider moving him to Bowie and Westburg to Norfolk.

Considering he was coming from the Cuban leagues and highly regarded, Aberdeen was probably too conservative of a placement.  I see nothing wrong with moving him and Westburg up now but I bet they wait another two or three weeks to get a larger sample size. 

These infields in the upper levels are going to start to get crowded.  Norby could be due for an early season promotion as well but I'm not sure where he plays since Henderson, Ortiz, and Prieto (potentially) will already be there.  I suppose a four man rotation including the DH could come into play. 

At some point it will be time to purge the big league club of the Odors and Gutierrez's of the world so we can move some guys up from Triple A.  That could clear out some of the log jam if we start moving more of these advanced bats through the system. 

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1 hour ago, Hazmat said:

2 homers and a double.

The great thing here is that he’s showing way more power than he ever showed in Cuba.   He could turn out to be a huge steal.  Of course he has to do well at the higher levels, but at least now we know he’s capable of doing more than hitting singles.   

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