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2022 Ongoing Lineup Thread


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1 minute ago, forphase1 said:

Honestly, I don't care if he's 100 for 100 with 100 homeruns against him at this point.  The rookies should be playing every game for the rest of the season and Odor/Aguilar shouldn't get any playing time, not counting injuries or something of course.  

Amen! Preach!

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I bet tomorrow the 5 sitting today will start  

Chirinos  C 

Nevin  3rd

Odor  2nd 

Stowers  RF

Mountcastle   1B 


Two of this bunch sits  * my guess*




Hays *

Mateo *



Will not start plus 2 from above




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I’ve got to say, Hyde has been an absolute mess this year regarding lineups. Obviously he is more privy to things like if a player is struggling with diarrhea or something and there’s direction from the front office but holy crap…Aguilar on the 2nd to last day? Literally not one person, outside of maybe Aguilars mom or the president of his fan club, is happy to see him in the lineup on any given day. 

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