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Tex- a Yankee. The Maryland Perspective?


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This thread will be the perfect chance for allof us to vent. So, I'll start. Putting aside that the Orioles could have made a better offer, or that we simply didn't sign him, what do you think?

My personal thoughts are simple- I have no respect for him any more. The guy could've easily been something close to Cal Ripken if he had signed here. Think about the similarities: pretty good offense, gold glove aliber defense, home town player. He would have become the face of our franchise, he would've been loved by millions and the franchise would have embrassed him like only Cal was embraassed.

I've grown up about 20 minutes from the stadium, and I speak from experience- with baseball, there are 2 teams: The O's and the team against the Yankees. Tex committed the ultimate sin in signing with the Yankees. There is no team I'd be happy that he signed with unless it was the O's. But to sign with the single team that any O's fan hates with more passion than anything else on earth is just pathetic.

He committed treason to his town, state and family. Every serious ball player that I ever played with said the same thing- "I want to grow up to play for Major League Baseball"- generally followed by "for who???", "the Orioles". Any boy wants to grow up and become an all-star for his hometown team.

We all know that Tex was going to cash in a MAJOR check this off-season. What is $5 million when you make that much money??

Thanks for the chance, hope you guys understand some of the points.

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I agree with you completely. . I'd love to find a way to make him regret his decision everytime that he visits Baltimore, but somehow, I think the cursing at him may just get lost as "hatred for the Yankees". Then again, I wouldn't mind seeing him completely fall on his face. To be honest, he ranks as high as Moose when he left for the Yankees, and i HATED that guy for leaving us for the Yanks. He'll just have to learn the joys of getting paid by Satan

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