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2022 1st Round Pick (#1): Jackson Holliday, - SS - Stillwater HS (OK)

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7 minutes ago, ArtVanDelay said:

I agree.  What is Callis talking about? lol

Technically nearly all #1 picks are underslot, but Holiday isn’t an underslot deal, he was going in the next pick or two regardless, and he’ll get most of the slot 

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2 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

Boras isn't a warlock.

The kid looks like he wants to play, he'll sign for something a bit under slot.

He will definitely sign. But unlikely to save much money with the pick. 

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I am happy with this pick; I would have also been happy with Jones.  I think they are both athletic, well-rounded, high-ceiling players  Jones is more likely to stick at his current position and play elite defense but I think Holliday has a better idea of the strike zone and will move quickly through the system.      They may wind up saving a bit of money on this pick but I don't need to see that to be happy with the pick.  

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Just now, lovetoaster said:

I think that’s fair. I think we probably save a few hundred thousand buckaroos. Maybe 300-500K or so. 

Right…maybe a little more but they will save some money.  No way he’s getting slot.

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Remember, regarding the draft budget and signing slots allow a team to exceed their overall slot budget by, I think 5%.  The O’s have about $800K to,play with before losing future picks.  Even if Holiday demands his full slot amount, the O’s have some flexibility.

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