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Log-Jam at Norfolk


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Now, if Baez comes to camp and he's terrible, that's a different story altogether. Then you just have to eat his deal, just like Gibbons'.

We ate Gibbons' contract out of necessity-- Huff, Millar, Payton and Scott eliminated Gibbons' ability to find a place in LF, 1B and DH and on the bench. Had Payton or Millar been worse than Gibbons in ST, I'm sure we'd still have Gibbons and not one of the others.

We don't quite have a crowding problem in the pen yet. Sherrill, Ray, Walker and Johnson make up the back half; long man, Sarfate and two others will make up the front half. I don't think anyone but Sarfate is a lock to be in the front half given the state of the rotation, but I would expect it to be Hendrickson, Sarfate, Penn and Baez. Rotation will be Guthrie, Liz, Olson, Albers, and a free agent. If we don't sign a free agent, it will be Hendrickson and Burres and Penn become the swing men. Of course this is all just my humble opinion.

Anyway, I'm off on a tangent. Point is, there are at least three unclaimed bullpen roles left, and there are just a lot of very average pitchers searching for jobs. Baez is just another average pitcher with the advantage of a big contract and veteran experience, it won't be hard for him to lock up a bullpen role even if he is truly awful in spring training.

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