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Monday, September 26: Orioles begin 4 game series at Fenway as season starts to wind down


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Gametime:   7:10 pm

Forecast:  66 degrees, no precipitation

MatchupJordan Lyles (R) vs Connor Seabold (R)


Orioles TBA

1. Enrique Hernandez (R) 2B
2. Rafael Devers (L) 3B
3. Xander Bogaerts (R) SS
4. Alex Verdugo (L) RF
5. J.D. Martinez (R) DH
6. Triston Casas (L) 1B
7. Rob Refsnyder (R) LF
8. Reese McGuire (L) C
9. Abraham Almonte (S) CF


Orioles Bench


Bullpen Availability

Spenser Watkins 5.0 IP, 74 pitches September 13 for Norfolk

Probably Available
Felix Bautista  1.1 IP, 33p Saturday;  0.1 IP, 6p Thursday

Maybe Available
DL Hall (L)  0.1 IP, 13p yesterday
Joey Krehbiel  0.2 IP, 13p yesterday;  0.1 IP, 14p Saturday
Cionel Perez (L)  1.0 IP, 7p yesterday;  0.2 IP, 9p Saturday

Jake Reed  0.2 IP, 7p yesterday;  0.1 IP, 5p Saturday

Not Available
Keegan Akin (L)  0.1 IP, 27p yesterday
Bryan Baker  1.2 IP, 24p yesterday;  1.0 IP, 19p Saturday
Dillon Tate  1.1 IP, 18p yesterday;  1.1 IP, 26p Saturday

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    • It really feels that with a bottom 3 payroll, adding 2 mid-rotation starters in free agency should be possible, but even if that is not the case, adding one via free agency and one via trade with our large stack of trade chips definitely should have been feasible. Pablo Lopez, Chris Flexen, and Marco Gonzalez are all would-be Lyles upgrades who reports say are available via trade, and others not yet publicly named may be out there as well, plus free agency offered around a dozen guys who would be upgrades over Lyles that wouldn't cost $30 million a year. Instead we settled for a below average 35 year old whose career ERA+ is almost identical to what Lyles produced for us last year before the winter meetings even started and almost everyone was still on the board. But what's done is done and it is what it is, now Elias needs to go out and find the best true upgrade for the rotation that he can with whatever resources he has, and get them into an Orioles uniform. He says that the goal is to improve the team with outside additions this offseason and I am hopeful that he proves to be a man of his word, but I am definitely a lot more skeptical now about ownership's commitment to winning than I was last week. Some people were simply under the impression that we had finally reached a point in our Odyssey-like rebuild after last season where we would begin trying to replace below average players like Lyles with above average players instead of different below average players like Gibson. That was clearly unreasonable and I apologize for that. Same here, but it's clear now that we were being selfish, greedy, and unreasonable. With payroll being as high as it is and the farm being as barren as it is, we should just be grateful if we can field a full 26 man roster next year 😋
    • Roch's post from this morning: The Orioles didn't take a spin in the rumor mill yesterday, but they're viewed here as one of the aggressors. Lots of talk about them already. How much of it is believable is another matter. But the attention on them is a new dynamic since the old regime was replaced. 
    • Cionel might be a sneaky sell-high trade candidate. Do we really think he can replicate his 2022? Maybe Brewers like him to replace Hader and he's part of a package for Woodruff. Baseballtradevalues has him at 8.7, not far behind Mayo, for example.  I coveted Brad Boxberger last year and would still love to have him. Last year he went for $2.5M. Seems like a no brainer. Seth Lugo might be another. 
    • Huh.  What is it good for? Sorry.  Had to do it. Carry on.
    • People are making way too big of a deal about this signing
    • Khreibel, Baker, Akin, and Wells have options.  Middle relief is where the pen really started to break down last year. Especially Khreibel. At first, I thought it would be a terrible idea to spend and FA money on a reliever, but another vet to add to MR would be nice considering we’re about to plan on heavily relying on the pen again. 
    • Spot on @DrinkinWithFermi I think fans and management are in agreement that 2 starting pitcher additions this off-season felt right. That one of those slots will go to Kyle Gibson is disappointing, regardless of their 2nd SP move. This is a man with a 81 ERA+ last year and a 94 ERA+ for his career. Yes yes the wall will help him, Adley will help him, our defense will help him. All those factors would help a better pitcher too. The whole reason I was happy we declined Jordan Lyles' option was not because of the cost or that there wasn't enough room in the rotation at that point, but because Lyles isn't good enough to be in our 2023 rotation. I want to push out Austin Voth into a swing man role and Tyler Wells into a back end bullpen role because they may not be good enough for the 2023 rotation. Is Kyle Gibson better than Austin Voth or Tyler Wells? Maybe. I was looking for a definitive "yes" out of the 2 SP additions. The 2022 Orioles were good, not great. We could probably do nothing this off-season, instead just relying on in-house options, and remain good. But good won't cut it in the AL East. Does Kyle Gibson push us any closer to great? 
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