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Struck out. All weekend.

Moose Milligan

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16 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

Who said anything about an illegal substance?

Testosterone extracted from sheep's testicles.

Wasn't any rules against it at the time.


I didn’t know about that, but I view it as different from knowingly using a banned substance.   Nor did it actually help him, apparently.

But in any event, I’d rather keep the focus on our strategy against Judge this weekend.  That’s what this thread is about.  Not your fault for getting off-topic, that was already happening.  

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19 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

But the intent to cheat was there.

I think Bonds gets an undue amount of heat because he was too good at cheating and too good once he started cheating.

It's a thing with baseball fans, a little bit of cheating (bullfrog and resin) is OK but too much cheating (Spidertack) is bad.

Anyway, I'm off to walk the neighborhood and check out storm damage now that the wind has died down.

Be back in 45 minutes or so if I can avoid downed power lines!

There is no 'intent to cheat' if it's not against the rules.  Athletes forever have been taking supplements of one kind or another to try to get an edge.  As long as it's legal and not against the rules then no problem.  

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We have a long history of continuing to pitch to hitters who destroy us.  So why not continue to pitch to Judge?  

That way, we can be on the highlights forever as the perpetual victim of Yankee domination like we are for Jeter’s last game and the Jeff Maier game.  

Once the Red Sox stopped being scared of New York, it was left to us and the Twins to carry the torch.  


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1 hour ago, Can_of_corn said:

Thank goodness that PED using Ruth lost the record!


Baseball players cheat, they just do.

Folks need to grow up about it.

Lots of your favorite players growing up were probably cheating.

Bonds was just better, better at it and better at baseball.

No use going over the steroid stuff. Some people don't care, and some do. Neither is going to change the other's mind.

Personally, I think 61 is the real record. If Judge hits 62, I'll personally consider him the real home run record holder. Saying that, I'm fine if people think Bonds is. 

I believe people have the right to feel how they want about a situation. It's ok to disagree.

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1 hour ago, Moose Milligan said:

He allegedly tried with sheep testicle extract.  Seems to be something that people in the 1920s would think was a good idea.

Also that whole thing about having to not play against African Americans, too.  

Oh god we are off the rails in a bad way.  LOL.  Holy cow the Orioles cant make the playoffs who cares if he hits a homerun?   Try to get him out and be a man about it. 

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1 hour ago, jabba72 said:

For me its just whatever. Judge can hit a HR every game as long as the O's win, thats my only concern.

If this was Manny Rameriz I would have the pitchers plant the ball in his back every at bat.  Kidding.  But Judge?  Who cares.  He doesnt talk a lot of smack.  

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The thing about Judge is he’s doing this in an era where offense is down a bit.  Regardless of how you feel about Bonds, the year he hit 73 there were other guys hitting 64, 57, 52 etc.   Judge has 19 more homers than the next guy on the leaderboard.  I can’t remember a year in my lifetime where the margin was that high.   You might have to go back to Babe Ruth to find a margin like that.  

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33 minutes ago, Frobby said:

Did Ramirez talk a lot of smack?  I think of him as just kind of a goofball.  

When he hit his 500th homerun in Camden Yards he told the reporters he was so happy he could hit it here where the Boston fans could celebrate.   Yeah I hated that guy.

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