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O's looking for RH 1B


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I would take Wiggy over Millar in a heartbeat. He's what, six years younger, and as others have said, he's more versatile.

I still think they could use a lefty, though. Dunn would be the first option.

Of course, I'll continue to bang the drum for the home run king.

Bring Barry to Baltimore!! Come on! Who's with me? Anyone? Anyone???

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Possibly, but Salazar has a better chance of being the 2010 option than either of those guys. Unless you're talking about trading for a LT 1B, then I think Salazar is a good answer this year. Also, by 2010, or 2011, Snyder could be ready to play 1B in Baltimore.

Exactly, why patch up a long term problem with year-by-year stop gap measures ?

I'd love to take a chance on Baldelli assuming he's healthy and that the latest doctor's report isn't bogus, but in LF not 1B.

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Where's that darn smiley...:no:

I personally think Crede would be a great signing. Put him at 3B and move Mora to first - this accomplishes 3 things at once. We improve our infield defense (because Crede + Mora are much better fielders than Mora + Huff), obtain another right-handed bat, and a healthy Joe Crede is a much better player than Oscar Salazar.

Anyway, Crede is injury-prone and surely he would be willing to take a one-year deal for something like $4 million - when he's healthy, he's more like a $7 or 8 million player (in 2006, FanGraphs even has him worth $15 million!). He is an underrated hitter and one of the best fielding 3B in baseball (last season his UZR/150 was in the region of Scott Rolen, Ryan Zimmerman, and Pedro Feliz). He's also only 31 years old...

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