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    • Who do you think will have a higher OPS in 2023, Mateo or Frazier? In 2022 it was Mateo (.646) over Frazier (.612). Both were really bad hitters last year. That’s why I’m confused when I see people saying Urias will be a utility guy. He, Gunnar, and Mountcastle should be out there pretty much every day.
    • The best thing to take away from all of these top 100 lists is that we have GR, Hall, Westburg, Ortiz, Norby, and Cowser, that all got AAA experience last year, and will be coming into their first MLB ST with a chance to actually make the team. No matter how slim the odds are. That’s a big deal. They’re going to get a lot of ST PT. After that, when we have to send them down, they’re going to be not that far away from being “ready”. 
    • @Moose Milligan I’m just laughing with you, but you spent a year telling us how washed up Odor was at 28.    We should’ve tried to trade Mateo to the Dodgers for whatever pitching prospects they were willing to part with. However, that didn’t happen. We have a need for OF defense to keep Santander at DH full time, until Cowser is ready, or one of Westburg/Norby becomes a COF option. I’m not down on Mateo. I just think that since we have Gunnar, that we need Mateo to play some OF as the team is currently constructed, but we’ll see if Elias makes some small moves to fix the OF opening.    Overall, I just think for the 23’ O’s that Mateo isn’t a 150 game starter. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking him to play some OF. If he could play CF then he could be incredibly valuable. At the end of the day, this is baseball, people play other positions all the time to help out the club. See Steve Pearce at 2B. Machado only playing 3rd. Gunnar playing 2B last year. 
    • Probably an O’s HOF member. He’s a big reason that we over performed our pythag and other projections each year. The O’day chant too. 
    • Good insight by @Tony-OH.     Knowing what we know now, you would want us to make this trade again?     Keep in mind we missed the playoffs by 3 games. Lopez “struggled”, but still put up a 4.24 ERA in Minn. He signed for $3.35 million for 23’ to avoid Arb. I know he’s under control for 2024 and maybe 2025. Meanwhile we signed Givens to a $5 million deal to replace him. We also paid some of Lopez’s remaining salary last year to trade him.    Was the return worth it?  While Lopez struggled, the bullpen got taxed late in the season after we left, this matters because we missed the playoffs by 3 games.    My thoughts are is that I would much rather have Lopez going into the season than Givens. Lopez was cheaper too. Even though Lopez put up a 4.24 ERA in Minn after the trade, he would’ve helped us by not having to ride Khriebel so hard post trade or give innings to Jake Reed.    Was Povich worth it?  Cano is on the bottom of the 40 man, and there’s been arguably better relievers than him hit the waiver wire this offseason.  The other two guys are still lotto tickets at the moment. Plus we had to sign Givens for $5 million to “replace” Lopez.    This was a tough trade, and I don’t know if Elias had to make it. It’s hard to find a guy that throws an upper 90’s sinker and can get you 3+ outs sometimes.    As a big Elias fan, I kind of think this was a miss, and it was selling just to sell.    Thoughts?
    • I agree with everything you said here.   Honestly I’d rather have a McKenna replacement who can hit better.  
    • Well I’m glad we’ve identified Mateo as the lynchpin for the offense.  When did 28 become the peak for a player? He’s a guy who’s got one year of ML experience under his belt, not an NFL running back. 
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