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Pedro Martinez a good fit for the O's?


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Does Pedro have any history of mentoring younger pitchers?

He's such a role model to most Latino (not just Dominican) pitchers, that I've read numerous stories about him holding court in front of his locker with Mets youngsters in spring training.

Pedro also visits the Mets camp in the DR during the off-season.

One of his most famous tips with the Mets was actually delivered to a guy who's been a pro even longer than Pedro...Tom Glavine. Glavine looked washed up early in 2005, but I remember reading how Pedro approached him with something he'd observed. Martinez wasn't sure how Glavine would respond, as I recall, but Tom was very grateful.

Would LOVE to have Pedro in Baltimore, but it will never happen. FWIW, his father died last year and he gave a candid interview last week about how deeply that affected him. Bank on him being a winning pitcher wherever he winds up in 2009. When healthy, the best I've ever seen.

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    • I actually made some money on it too because I had a feeling they were in for a clunker.  Wisconsin also got to the line 15 more times than Maryland.  I remember in the past there was mention that Maryland plays with a Under Armor all and everyone else plays with a different (maybe Reebok?) ball.  When they come out in their first away game, makes me wonder if that messes with them.  But I honestly don't know.  So weird that you can supposedly use whatever type of ball you're affiliated with. 
    • The thing that should be considered with attendance is that the O's have a negative recent history in the community because they have constantly done the wrong things. They have burned A LOT of bridges with a lot of fans. I know plenty of people who used to go to games who are not that interested. Plus younger people are attracted to winners. All you have to do is look at social media is set up with stuff like "following" and "likes". If a person doesn't have enough of those things, they don't pay attention to them or at least assign some sort of negative value to their content. And then lastly, the game of baseball has lot popularity through the years, there are not as many baseball fans as there were say even 20 years ago. Having said all that, the Orioles are going to have to "change" in order to draw more people/fans and get them interested in them. They were/are off to a very good start with all of the foundational changes that they made (which to be honest is what reengaged me). No I did not attend a single game in 19- 21 because of how hurt I was in how the mishandled things in 18. The hardest part is now ahead of them, which is actually spending difference making money (something that they have shown great reticence to do up until this point). They have a wonderful foundation now, I believe we can all agree on that. Now they must make the investments to fill in the empty spaces to what can be a championship contending puzzle.  Gibson alone simply doesn't move the needle. They need to more.
    • Sure, you can bolster a spot.  No one has ever said different.  But you mentioned Morton…didn’t exactly get a huge deal. The Astros just gave Abreu the most money they have given to a FA during this run. Where the Os need to show they will spend is in the trade market. Astros took on Verlanders contract (what was left on it) when he was “slumping”.  Os need to make moves like that. Don’t have the long term stuff weighing you down and the salaries are likely less because they were deals signed in markets not as big as right now.
    • Good for him for gambling on himself.    Ugh. Was hoping he would go to SF. 
    • Yep, which opens up a Crawford trade to someone, which takes away a potential Mateo suitor, if he has any.
    • It’s usually the case that the early signings get the bigger deals.  The top FAs who wait things out are exceptions to this of course.
    • They will be bottom 5 to 10 again in attendance and payroll. No one was rushing out to see Adley and Gunnar play and if they are not active ,they will stay low in attendance. 
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