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Pedro Martinez a good fit for the O's?


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Does Pedro have any history of mentoring younger pitchers?

He's such a role model to most Latino (not just Dominican) pitchers, that I've read numerous stories about him holding court in front of his locker with Mets youngsters in spring training.

Pedro also visits the Mets camp in the DR during the off-season.

One of his most famous tips with the Mets was actually delivered to a guy who's been a pro even longer than Pedro...Tom Glavine. Glavine looked washed up early in 2005, but I remember reading how Pedro approached him with something he'd observed. Martinez wasn't sure how Glavine would respond, as I recall, but Tom was very grateful.

Would LOVE to have Pedro in Baltimore, but it will never happen. FWIW, his father died last year and he gave a candid interview last week about how deeply that affected him. Bank on him being a winning pitcher wherever he winds up in 2009. When healthy, the best I've ever seen.

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