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2023 MiL coaching shuffle


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The MiL staffs were announced today and while all the managers remained intact, a number of coaches were shuffled.  Notables:

Tim Gibbons out as Norfolk hitting coach replaced by Brink Ambler (promoted from Delmarva).

Branden Becker out as Bowie hitting coach, replaced by Sherman Johnson (new hire).

Josh Conway out as Bowie pitching coach, replaced by Forrest Hermann (promoted from Aberdeen).

Austin Meine hired as Aberdeen pitching coach in light of Hermann’s promotion.

Josh Bunselmeyer promoted to Delmarva hitting coach from the FCL in light of Ambler’s promotion.

Joe Haumacher out as Delmarva’s pitching coach, replaced by Adam Bleday (promoted from the FCL).

So that’s two hitting coaches (Norfolk and Bowie and two pitching coaches (Bowie and Delmarva) out of the organization, two replaced by new hires and two by promotions, with other shuffling to replace the promoted coaches.  Kind of surprising to me to see that much turnover in an organization that had so much player development success last year.  Looks like Gibbons and Conway joined private baseball instruction facilities, while Haumacher became pitching coach at Princeton.  I’m not sure where Becker has landed.  


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3 minutes ago, Frobby said:

Looks like Gibbons and Conway joined private baseball instruction facilities, while Haumacher became pitching coach at Princeton.  I’m not sure where Becker has landed.  

I wonder if the private instructional facilities pay more than being a minor league coach?

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It'll be interesting to see if due to our minor league system's reputation and success the last few years if we end up having a Rays-esque brain-drain where other teams/employers poach coaches and staff just to see if they can get some of the magic dust that has vaulted our system to such high levels (other than that whole sucking at the level it matters so we get lots of number 1 pick handicaps and all that). 

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For easy reference:

Triple-A Norfolk
Manager: Buck Britton
Pitching coach: Justin Ramsey
Hitting coach: Brink Ambler
Fundamentals coach: Ramón Sambo
Development coach: Joshua Rodrigues

Double-A Bowie
Manager: Kyle Moore
Pitching coach: Forrest Herrmann
Hitting coach Sherman Johnson
Fundamentals coach: Tim DeJohn
Development coach: Ryan Goll

High-A Aberdeen
Manager: Roberto Mercado
Pitching coach: Austin Meine
Hitting coach: Zach Cole
Fundamentals coach: Chase Serby
Development coach: Billy Facteau

Single-A Delmarva
Manager: Felipe Rojas Alou Jr.
Pitching coach: Adam Bleday
Hitting coach: Josh Bunselmeyer
Fundamentals coach: Daniel Fajardo
Development coach: Collin Murray

Florida Complex League
Manager: Christian Frias
Pitching coaches: Jordie Henry and Andy Sadoski
Hitting coaches: Jaylen Ferguson and Christian Poulsen
Fundamentals coaches: Collin Woody and Troy Marrow
Pitching development coach: Isaiah Page
Development coach: Teegan Leader

Dominican Summer League
Managers: Chris Madera and Elbis Morel
Pitching coach: Dioni Pascual
Hitting coaches: Julian González and Jake Ratz
Fundamentals coaches: Miguel Jabalera and Ramón Lubo

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The key thing in @Tony-OH’s post is that all the clubs* now have their own full time fundamentals coach and development coach, in addition to the traditional hitting and pitching coaches.  That’s a lot of coaches!

(*The DSL team has two fundamentals coaches and no developmental coach, per Tony’s post.)

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It'll be interesting to see what the saturation point of Coaches to Players becomes.     There's more the nerds can do for the jocks than ever.     Not sure if that'd be more beer, or more tacos.

I've joked before why wouldn't a MLB Club put like 100k for an individual coach for say the 20-30 best players in the org.   Felix Bautista's coach, Anthony Santander's coach, etc.

Now its cheaper for the Clubs to offload that to contractors, and certainly Tate's done a nice amount of investing in himself, but one of my observations the last few years is successful Clubs are helping their best players translate data insights on to the field more efficiently than others.   

As recently as summer 2018 Grayson's testimony is he got "just throw fastballs", and 4.5 years later I have to imagine some of how Sig-Blood-Holt-@nvpacchi manage their craft is...how much can I tell this guy to help before it hinders?

I hope the Orioles command more expertise than the Driveline open source, but if I'm Sig some of my discovery process is let every AAAA guy explore what's out there.

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