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Memorial Day, May 29: Guardians come to town


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1 minute ago, spiritof66 said:

So you're subbing Westburg for Mateo, and making Santander the full-time DH. That should be an offensive upgrade, though nobody knows how Westburg will do out of the gate, and a defensive downgrade at SS, 2B and maybe RF. Not really an offensive shakeup, but worth a try.

Putting aside a possible IL stint for Mullins, who leaves to create a roster spot for Westburg?

Vavra or O'hearn.  Fraizer is not going to be anyworse than Vavra in right and def better than Santander. Mateo belongs on the bench period, i don't care what his defense his he is an automatic out in the lineup

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14 minutes ago, Dunk35 said:

We need to do something different. The offense is anemic and we just lost our highest OPS player. Our run differential says we aren't this good. Eye test says we are regressing to the mean...

Most thought the Orioles were still one or two years away. Whatever happens this year is gravy. But a regression to the mean would impact the trade deadline deals.

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34 minutes ago, bpilktree said:

How was he supposed to cover and back up.  It was a grounder up the middle he reached for it but couldn’t get it.  Frazier grabbed it and threw I home.  How in the world is any player supposed to be behind the plate to back up the catcher on a grounder in that spot.  He would have needed to hit the teleport button to be there.  

 I don't know of any pitcher that covers first when the infield is in.  He has two responsibilities on that play a) listen to the catcher  b) back up the plate.  He stood between third and home then realized it was his responsibility to cover and ran home.  A pitcher should always be moving, never standing-watch his body language he knew it.

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