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Orioles acquire LHP Rich Hill from Cubs


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Rich Hill may never overcome his sudden control problems, but he has a much better chance of being a solid major league pitchers than Brian Burres does.

Now the question is whether we continue to pursue Looper, or whether the quantity of pitchers vying for spots 3/4/5 convinces MacPhail that he's better off just giving 3 spots to whoever earns them in spring training and then running out the other arms if and when the initial selections fail.

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I really hope we give him 30 starts next year. He's the most talented guy in our rotation IMO and if he gets his head straight he could be an absolute STEAL.

Yep. I'm very high in him too. How about that MacPhail? He is doing quite a job this off season. Now if we pick up Looper this could get very interesting. I havn't been this excited about an off season in a long time.

BTW props to BigBird and his source for nailing another one.

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