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Orioles acquire LHP Rich Hill from Cubs


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Maybe but I think the writing is on the wall.

His apparent role was going to be long man out of the pen...Right now, that role is pretty much filled.

Injuries and awful pitching by others are the only chance he has to make this team IMO.

For the record, I share your doubts that Baez will ever return to the form he showed in 2003 through 2005 when he saved 96 games but the Orioles will have a tough decision on what to do if he shows up in the spring and pitches well. It is easy to say he is not part of the future , release him, but 6.5 million dollars tells me he makes the roster if he is pitching well. If he does poorly in the spring, he will wind up on the DL to avoid eating the salary especially if the club has an insurance policy.

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Sure they will...i don't doubt that.

But he has to have a very good spring IMO.

Right now, who doesn't make the team that Baez replaces?

I start with the assumption that Baez won't make a successful bid to be a starter. However, I don't rule that out 100%, only about 95%.

So you have Sherrill, Ray, and Johnson clearly ahead of him. Albers is ahead of him if (1) he is healthy and (2) he's not a starter.

Beyond that, I think it's something of a crapshoot. I don't assume they'll just keep Penn, Pauley and Hill on the roster because they are out of options. I think they'll have to pitch well to make the team (and if any of them do, it may be as a starter). I don't assume Sarfate is guaranteed a spot. I think it's somewhat likely that if Liz doesn't make the team as a starter he will end up back at Norfolk, since he has an option left.

I just think we will have to wait and see who is healthy and pitching well, and go from there. No point in guessing on Feb. 2.

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So when do we find out who the "player to be named later" is?

(Don't say "later")

It depends on how well Hill does.
What does that mean...so the better Hill does, the better a player they get?
I think you nailed it.

And to finalize the deal, it could take up to 6 months.

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