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Os going to 6 man rotation?

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Not surprising considering Grayson pitched Tuesday and would be on “normal” 4 days rest without this, given no off day scheduled before his next turn. He was on 5 days rest prior to his last start and I expect they’ll want to keep him on 5 days rest through the rest of the season. Not necessarily because that will make a huge difference in his total IP, but more because he is less likely to be pushing through fatigue that way.

The question is whether Irvin will stay in the rotation even if not needed to give Grayson 5 days between starts. 

Assuming no setbacks, Means should also be ready to slot into a spot by Sep 1 and they can more comfortably have the 6 man rotation through September. 

I expect to see some turnover with the optionable last spot of the pen (currently Krehbiel) through August to keep a fresh arm there with Irvin plugged into the rotation. 

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Trolling aside, I'd expect nothing less than using Irvin here and there to give others an extra day. Especially if it keeps Rodriguez on regular rest. 

The end of this season will come down to whether we complete our full pitching staff with good arms and whether the bats are performing. This should be fun to watch.

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