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"Casey at the Bat"--The Post-Game Press Conference


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Mudville Manager: Well, uh, tough loss obviously. We got the matchup that we wanted in the ninth, there, with Casey. I give our guys a lot of credit, we didn’t quit there, got the tying runs into scoring position. But we coudln’t get the big hit there. You tip your cap. Nobody’s hanging their head. OK. Questions.

Reporter: Looked like Casey was really fooled on those first two pitches.

Manager: Yeah, look. I’m not going to say anything about the umpiring and get fined. Obviously we saw it a little bit different in our dugout. All we ask is for the umpire to be consistent, and Casey has earned the sort of respect around the league where … I don’t want to talk about the umpiring.

Reporter: What was the pitch Casey struck out on?

Manager: You’ll have to ask him that. It looked like a change-up to me, I thought he was out front. But you’ll have to ask him. You know, sometimes, you just have to tip your cap to the other guy. It was a hell of a pitch...

And some comment brilliance...

Rome: Phil in M-Ville, you’re in the Jungle!

Phil: Thanks for the vine, Romey. Hey, what is up with that loser…ERRRRR, choke artist Casey. Or should I say “K”-sey. Memo to Casey: when your team is trailing and there are men on base, the object is to HIT the ball, not to stand there and watch belt-high fastballs go by. That’s what happens when you give guys like Casey long-term guaranteed contracts. I could have TOLD Mudville that Casey never comes through in the clutch. I mean, this guy makes A-Rod look like Mr. October. If Mudville wants to win, they’ve got to trade his AAAASSSSSSSS, now.

...and the bloggers get in the act...


The game giveth, the game taketh away.

It's not surprising that most of the talk today is about that dramatic ninth inning. Not much discussion of the bases loaded situation that Mudville only got one run out of in the fifth. Or the two-out single by our opponent that padded the lead to two in the seventh.

No, it's all about the ninth. Which means it's all about Casey.

It's not surprising that Cooney and Barrows weren't able to get much going. Cooney's OBP is a dismal .304 now this year and I'm not sure why they haven't brought up Jess Rasmus from Memphis to take his spot. Of course, Cooney's a veteran, and we know how the manager likes his vets, but it's starting to get a little ridiculous.

Barrows has had a better year, but he hasn't played in a few days and coming off the bench cold like that couldn't have been easy. His pinch-hitting average is just .143 on the season as well, so what do you expect?

Then we get into some of the real heroes of the game. Flynn and Blake were able to keep the game going and get Mudville into a position to tie or win the game. I know some fans aren't that fond of these guys. "Lulu" and "cake" are terms that get tossed around about them by some of the old-time fans. But, while Flynn doesn't look that great, he does have a .354 average close and late this year, so he's been able to save it when it counts. That single up the middle was a nice easy stroke, something that was a little surprising considering he was 0-3 to that point.

Blake has really started to develop into a solid second place hitter. He had a slow start to the year, which is one reason everyone is down on him, but since the All-Star break he's put up an OPS of .830, an indication to me that he's starting to get adjusted after being traded into the league at the beginning of the season. That slider down and away was a tough pitch, but he roped it into the corner. The only problem was he hit it too hard, so they were able to get it back into the infield before Flynn could score...

Aren't these great sporting times we live in? :laughlol:

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