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Hall of Fame, Jr.


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So, I’ve been thinking about opening up my own Baseball Hall of Fame. This isn’t in any way a knock on the current Hall of Fame — I think everyone here knows that I LOVE the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown — but lately things have been getting so confusing that it seems to me that we need a second Hall of Fame just to keep up and give people a second view of baseball. My idea is to call it The Hall of Fame Jr.

My rules are simple:

1. These are only people who are NOT in the Baseball Hall of Fame. If they ever get inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, they will be proudly escorted out of my Hall of Fame in a touching graduation type ceremony.

2. The Hall of Fame Jr. will be in Hoboken, because that’s where the first semi-official baseball game was played, on Elysian Fields, between the New York Knickerbocker Club and the New York Nine on June 19, 1846. This was almost certainly not anything close to the first baseball game played — baseball, in some form, probably goes back dozens, and maybe even hundreds of years — but this game was probably the first played under the Alexander Cartwright rules, which makes it probably the first semi-modern game played. Baseball, it is fair to assume, was not invented by any one person. It evolved over time. But this is probably as close as we will get to a starting point, and anyway Hoboken has a MUCH stronger claim to baseball’s beginning than Cooperstown.

3. The Hall of Fame Jr.’s only role is to fill the gaps. We make few character judgments and no one is ineligible.

So far he listed:

Pete Rose

Joe Jackson

Fred Goldsmith (inventor of curveball)

Buck O'Neil

Marvin Miller

Tom Greenwade (scout)

Gil Hodges

Bert Blylevan

Joe Torre (temporarily...:P)

Mark McGwire

Bill James

Sy Berger (created Topps baseball cards)

Hal Richman (inventor of Strat-O-Matic Baseball)

Jack Norworth (writer, "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"

Kevin Costner

Billy Martin

Jim Bouton

Sadaharu Oh

Dan Quisenberry

Tommy John/Dr. Frank Jobe (combined entry)

Interesting concept, though he's definitely not the first with the idea.

Any ideas as to who else could go in there, as well? Especially outside the normal group of deserving players (Santo, Raines, etc.)

Some I can think of, either on my own or listed in the comments that I particularly like:

Johnny Sain/Leo Mazzone

Janet Marie Smith

Ernie Tyler

Roger Maris

Charles Schultz

Lots more in the comments, too.

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    • First of all, I was referring to Mateo as the sub 600 guy. And you can trade Mullins if you have a real replacement for him. This organization does not currently have a replacement for him.
    • We are all aware that there are no sure things. I don’t think that needs to be stated, whether it’s going to the young players or keeping the vets.  That is obvious. That being said, we have Holliday, Mayo, Cowser and Kjerstad who are, by most rankings, all top 30 guys and they are all performing at a high level and ready to be here or, at the very least, very close. And this doesn’t include Ortiz, who has been a consensus top 75 guy. Plus you have Norby and Stowers. All of them are ready. You aren’t going to have that level of talent and let it go to waste. It’s just not happening. 
    • I thought the idea was to trade guys while they still had value (before the crash) and fill that position with a cheaper version? You are speculating that Mullins would of hit better if he wasn't injured.  All I'm saying is this is 2 years in a row with stats showing a downward trend so if it happens again next season you have a player that won't be worth a bag of balls at the end of next season because it will be assumed his skillset is fading.  We basically got Hicks off the street because he couldn't stay healthy and his production had completely fallen off. Also, you make a statement that Cowser is a sub .600 player so does that mean you don't make plans for him next season?  Of course you need a fall back option but I thought you are always all for making sure the young guys get opportunity. We do agree that Cowser isn't a natural center fielder but in my scenario you would have a defensive minded backup, be it Hicks, Mckenna or someone else.  If Cowser doesn't hit enough to make up for lack of range then we definitely want to have someone on the roster who can play top notch D to fall back on. You can't predict development.  I know I didn't expect Gunner to look this good at short and honestly Westburg has been way better than I thought we would see based off of scouting reports.  
    • Easily Texas.  They really didn’t play well after May.  They went 55-52 from June 1 on.  Tampa’s been neck and neck with us for months.  
    • Here's just my "feel", admittedly not based on more than the little I know.. rather the vibe I get watching the games. Hays, Hicks, O'hearn, Henderson, Mountcastle, Rushman, Mccann are all the solid basis for the team - they hit, they field, they're all arounders; if one or two of them don't show up, the others typically do. I don't know the stories behind why they would stay or why they would not, BUT if I'm the manager, I'm wanting to hold onto that core if possible. Mullins is an awesome fielder (and a highlight reel of his wall catches is one of the reasons I chose to become an Orioles fan) but I'm not certain what the team offers him other than maintaining where he's at. It seems he's added in as a "addition" to something that's taking place rather than being part of the core of that something itself. And honestly, he plays like it. Sometimes the all-star and then long bouts of meh. I gotta think that on a career basis he's looking for what will take him to the next level. Santander... I just don't feel that he would choose to stay. He's cool, he hits like a madman (when he doesn't strike out) but I think he's got other places to go on his trip to stardom. I think that Baltimore is a stepping stone for him. Mateo, Urias, Kjerstad ... well, each one of them makes me nervous when it's their time at bat and they HAVE to get a hit. Don't get me wrong, obviously you can't play at this level unless your very good, and each of them can get a hit... but I feel it's a bit more Vegas odds whether they do. Urias? (who?) he seems to come in and then disappear again without notice or wrinkle. Mateo, guy can steal a base like no-ones business, and has hit a few clutch hits, but again.. small namer. Kjerstad? Young and promising. (does anyone ever get over myocarditis?) If I had to choose between the three, I guess I'd be between keeping a proven moderate Mateo or betting on a potential up and comer Kjerstad. 
    • Last year... https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/mlb-playoff-schedule-2022-tv-channels-alds-nlds/m4cg6klkhlw24hqykj2vgmvq National League Division Series 2022 schedule All times are Eastern and are subject to change given results of other series. Date Game Start time (ET) TV channel Result Tue., Oct. 11 Phillies at Braves, Game 1 1:07 p.m. Fox  
    • The reality is, we don’t know if they will contribute as much or more than the guys they would replace, or whether they’ll be significant downgrades.  There’s significant risk involved, especially when you’re talking about a team that’s winning with the personnel it already has.  If this was the 2021 offseason, decisions like this would be easy.   That paragraph might sound like I’m advocating standing pat.  I’m not.  I’m just saying these decisions aren’t simple.  Our evaluators have a lot of tricky decisions to make.  I’ll say this: I’m not making any moves yet based on what guys like Beavers, Fabian or Bradfield might do in 2-3 years.  None of those guys have a better than 50/50 chance to be better than our current outfielders at this stage.   Ask me again in a year and maybe I’ll feel differently.    
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