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Oliver Wins Suit Against NCAA

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In a landmark decision, an Ohio judge today ruled in favor of Oklahoma State lefthander Andrew Oliver in his lawsuit against the NCAA. Erie County judge Tyge M. Tone ruled that the NCAA cannot restrict a player’s right to have legal representation when negotiating a professional contract and awarded an injunction to restore Oliver’s eligibility. The decision invalidated the NCAA’s "no agent" and "restitution" rules

The NCAA needs to realize that they are there because of the student athletes not the other way around. About time someone stood up for the athletes.

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    • Is it too early (and possibly too crazy) to suggest that they may be a better road team than they are at home?    
    • I'm not very high on Giolito. How much better does he really make us? I would prefer to have a starter who can truly match up with the McClanahans, Coles, deGroms, Ryans, etc of the world. Otherwise, I think we are a long shot at best to win 1 round let alone 3.  In addition, he's an FA at the end of the year so he does nothing to help us solve this problem next year. If we are going to make a trade I would prefer that we don't try to address the gaping hole with a small bandaid, because despite our rich org prospect depth and talent, we don't have the pitching to project to have a talent edge on our competitors next year or beyond. I guess the same thing that applies to Giolito applies to Flahrety and Montgomery from STL IMO. They are not really tangibly better than what we have. I don't want any of those guys as my game 1/7 starter.  With the reserve/over abundance of org talent that we currently posses, I would prefer to fish for the cream of the crop as opposed to closer to the bottom of the barrel. IMO there's no reason to go cheap now in terms of what we are willing to give up to get the true difference making piece for the next few years. 
    • The reds are probably ready to compete next season so i doubt they will want to move a cost controlled top level back end bullpen guy.  The one thing they would want even if he was available would most likely be pitching prospects as they are built like us with young depth in position players.
    • Chapman is one of the last people on the planet I want walking into our clubhouse.  We don't need a cancer like him.
    • Chapman is one of the last people on the planet I want walking into our clubhouse.  We don't need a cancer like him.
    • I think the rotation will do find versus contending team.  It has so far.   I think other then Gibson the O's rotation is inexperienced not untalented.   All pitchers are inexperience before they actually do it on the field.   For every  Cobb that the team does not hit there is a Bieber that they hit well against.
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