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My Ten Favorite Games of 2023 (vote for your favorite)


Which was your favorite win of 2023? (Read summaries in the post below)  

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  1. 1. Which was your favorite win of 2023?

    • March 30, 10-9 win at Boston
    • May 20, 6-5 win at Toronto
    • June 24, 6-4 win vs. Seattle
    • July 2, 2-1 win vs. Minnesota
    • July 6, 14-1 win at New York
    • July 20, 4-3 win at Tampa
    • July 28, 1-0 win vs/ New York
    • August 13, 5-3 win at Seattle
    • September 17, 5-4 win vs. Tampa
    • September 28, 2-0 win vs. Boston

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I also voted for 9/17 but I wanted to mention 4/3 vs. Texas, when Kyle Bradish left in the second inning after being hit with a line drive and Tyler Wells, who came to the ballpark thinking he was the next day's starter, pitched five no-hit, no-walk innings and the Orioles won 2-0. Also notable is that Gunnar Henderson hit his first home run of the year. 

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Sept 17, because Tampa had won the first 2 games of the series and the O's came storming back and kicked Tampa's butt in the 3rd game.  This was a game where the O's were always behind and scratching and clawing for a chance to win.  Tampa just looked like the better team but O's still came back and won.  I feel like the O's crushed Tampa's dream of catching the O's that day.  And celebrating clinching a playoff berth after the game.  It just seemed to be a good time for the players releasing all that energy they had been working so hard to overtake Tampa all season. 

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I also voted for the 9/17 game, like the majority of posters here.  That game had it all — it came at a critical moment, involved an exciting comeback and a walk-off victory, and we clinched a playoff spot that day.  To top it off, I was at the game, the last regular season game I attended in 2023.   Great day all around.  

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Very difficult to pick just one, but I went with the 1-0 win on a Friday night with a Grayson shutout + Santander walk off home run. The reason is because I remember praying for Grayson that entire night and he shined. So it's special to me. Just like Gunnar's first home run against Cleveland is from 2022.

Also worth mentioning is the big games we beat Tampa. Between beating Tampa and Toronto is such dramatic fashion this season, I don't remember being so pumped to win a regular season game as much as those. I'll also never forget Cedric Mullins' heroics against the Twins and the Mariners.

Another game from 2023 that will always be special to me is the Camden Yards spanking we gave the Yankees for a blow out on Sunday Night Baseball when Dean Kremer started. My nephew was there for that one and he said before the game he hoped to see alot of offense from the Orioles, and he got it.

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Sunday night baseball against the Yanks at Camden! We scored 6 runs before Severino got an out. I would imagine that was the first time many baseball fans around the country watched the Orioles. 

Saturday, July 15 against the Marlins was a lot of fun as I was at the game. Miami went up 4-0 in the 2nd but we worked our way back. Gunnar hit a nuke to tie it immediately after the 7th inning stretch.


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That really is a great list, @Frobby, so many impressive heroics, to rival 1979 and 2012 O's Magic. From your writeups of both lists here would be my top 10:

- the 4/23 comeback against ERod that really unveiled the magic
- the 7/2 comeback against Sonny Gray
- the streak changer in NY on 7/5
- the 7/20 takeover of first place in Tampa
- 7/22 with the definitive statement at Tampa
- 7/28 GRod over Cole
- the 8/13 Mullins superhero show in Seattle
- the 9/5 pure pluck comeback vs. Angels
- the 9/18 heavyweight slugfest over Houston
- the clutch bullpen win 9/23 at Cleveland

Especially gratifying were the unlikely victories over dominant pitching by Gray, Cole and E. Rodriguez; the never-say-die will to win up and down the lineup; and the bullpen escape acts. And so many of the victories were nailed down by Bautista, who would be a logical MVP for the lot of them. 

(Edit: These would be runner-ups to the 9/17 season clincher vs. Tampa!)

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I voted for the 9/17 Rays game because I only get to a few games a year and 9/17 and it was one of the best I have seen live.   Everything about that day was special.  The weather forecast was for rain and I live 2.5 hours away and drove through rain most of the trip.  It was raining on 83 as we were entering Baltimore, but then it stopped when we arrived.  It was then good weather until the game was over and and it started raining as we were getting back to our car at the Penn St. garage.  Our seats were in left field in the section next to the bird bath, so that was fun.  The energy in the stadium was great and the ending had everyone on their seats.

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    • He’s made 7 at 3B in 37 games.  Not great.  Meanwhile you hope Holliday who’s made 10 errors in 38 games at 2B is up sometime this year.
    • Hays is not a plus LF.  Urias is not a plus 3B.   The biggest difference in defense is probably between Cowser and Kjerstad in LF.    You just talked about pitchers struggling and defense.  If that’s the case you don’t replace Cowser with Kjerstad in LF.
    • Are we talking about Norby at 2B or LF?   He’s not going to be playing everyday at either spot and probably hardly at all at 2B.   I honestly don’t know how he is in LF.  He looked fine the few times I’ve watched Norfolk games and Tony seems to agree.   He was always an “average at best” or “offensive 2B” but no one ever called him a liability there. I don’t ignore the struggles of Holliday.  I also don’t ignore the improvements of Rutschman, Henderson, Westburg after an initial adjustment period.  Cowser seems to still be going through it.  If you want the best team come October you can stick with what you know with Urias and Hays.   I’d rather take my chances with Mayo and Norby. As far as depth, I’ve got Westburg, Mateo, and Norby at 2B with Holliday at Norfolk.   At 3B I got Mayo and Westburg.   In LF I got Cowser, Kjerstad, Norby with Billy Cook at Norfolk.   Are worried about not having three 3B?
    • I think the timing for Kjerstad coming up is understandable.  Cowser has struggled for a pretty long time and doesn’t have the track record of hitting in the past at the major league level like Hays and Mullins.  However they aren’t going to litter the whole lineup with Kjersted, Mayo, and Norby at the same time because they are all below average defensive players.  At least not right now.  You don’t solve a diminished pitching staff hit with injuries by making the defense around them significantly worse.  
    • I don’t care if he can be average. He isn’t now.    The kid has made 10 errors in 45 starts on the dirt. 
    • I’m against him being up if he rides the pine. I’m assuming he plays.     
    • If Norby has a good glove you don’t think his prospect status would be higher? Why aren’t teams clamoring for the kid? You are real down on Hays and you are entitled to your opinion but the guy was a starter in the ASG last year.    Mayo is a bat first player with super upside.    It is June 24 and a long way to go. Who knows about injuries. Why weaken your depth?   The team leads in the AL in runs scored. You talk about the kids ignoring the struggles of Holliday earlier in the year. Santander may be gone next year. Urias could be. I don’t care about next year. Their time will come. 
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