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Kranitz has a "sleeper" for the rotation?


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Guest BrettMeister86

I think its Arrieta, for some reason he is slated to come up last of the 3 by most experts but he is the most polished. A lot of local sports broadcasters seem to think Patton makes the rotation, and I agree he has surprisingly good velocity coming back from injury and is regaining very good control, I'm just not sure he could fall into "sleeper" status. I have to think a sleeper is someone we haven't heard much of at all from ST so far and we haven't even gotten bullpen reports from Bergesen or Hernandez so maybe its one of those two, both could be very good.

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Typically, a "sleeper" is a dark horse candidate, therefore, very unlikely to make the rotation. Hence, will never be "announced."

I know what a "sleeper" is but thanks for the education. :rolleyes:

We will no doubt hear who this player is at some point, hence, "announced".

Announce: transitive verb; 1: to make known publicly


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Parrish was my response to Schmucker's blog, so I'll stick with that.

The thought that it could be Baez makes me queasy. I don't like the idea of a guy who has no chance whatsoever to be back next year winning a spot in our rotation.

I like it a lot. It will serve as a one-year bridge for all the pitchers who start the year at AAA this year.

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