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Spring Trainer Opener vs Mets


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Let's see if this Ross Wolf character can get someone out, because Pauley certainly couldn't.

The O's pitching today has been the 180-degree opposite of yesterday.

The Mets actually have some real players in there today.

Castillo, Church, Murphy, Castro are all starters. Cora is a solid major league backup. Evans and Pagan are big league players and Martinez is a top prospect.

Valentin is the only scrub in the Mets lineup today.

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OK well 2 potential starters got lit up today. Hennessey is hurt and Pauley pitched batting practice. Great:rolleyestf:

Well, cross them off the list, then. :laughlol:

Seriously though, it's a long spring training. Those guys still have time to prove their mettle (at least Pauley does, maybe not Hennessey).

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