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Spring Trainer Opener vs Mets


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I missed some of the action in the middle. Have the pitchers through 5 innings been Hennessey, Waters, Wolf, and Pauley? I hear that Bass is pitching.

New infield it sounds like. Actually new outfield as well. Moore, Blake Davis, Turner, Brazell from third to first.

Reimold, Sister Christian, and Jolbert Cabrera from left to right.

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Are you guys able to listen to the mlb.com radio feed? I'm not sure if it's their systems not being up to date or the fact that it's spring, but I'm able to listen to the feed using my mlb.tv user/pass from last year.

You may have been auto subscribed. See if they charged your credit card.

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Or...The Italian WBC team is just flat out bad!

Well, yeah, they are bad.

But it's not like we had bums out there shutting them down.

Matusz, Patton, Tillman, Arrieta, Bergesen, Hernandez, WPerez, and Hoey pitched yesterday.

Not really a scrub among that group.

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