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Do we overlook Rodriguez now?

Sports Guy

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2 hours ago, Moose Milligan said:

I don't think he's overlooked.  I think we're all really just focused on the position battles, Jackson Holliday and maybe the bullpen.

I think we're all wondering if he can put together a full season like he did in the 2nd half of last year.

If @Sports Guy says he's overlooked, then he surely must be overlooked 😉

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The next 6 years in the multiverses where Grayson Rodriguez proves out as "the best Oriole" are probably happier than the average universe for most Orioles fans.

Its a big ask of Adley-Holliday-Gunnar to overcome the world's greatest pitchers an entire month if they don't have someone that can equal them sometimes.

I wouldn't mind if Grayson's competitiveness with momentary colleague Corbin Burnes is sharpened a little by his friend going for him.

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I think we would talk more about Grayson if he looked impressive. So far he hasn't missed bats and looks kinda like the first half version of himself from last year. His velo is down a bit too. Maybe working on the 2-seam, and he was throwing a TON of breaking pitches last outing. We all know he found his success by doing the opposite of that and throwing more fastballs. 

So hopefully he's just working on stuff and turns it up in the regular season. If not, we're in some serious trouble. He is kind of the deciding factor on if we have a playoff-caliber rotation or not. 

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