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2/28 Marlins/Os


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Huh? Joe Angel says that the Marlins never won more than 70 games in a season before 2008. Is he aware that they've twice won the World Series?

I think he got his stats mixed up with the Rays.

Anyway, Liz ends a 1-2-3 inning with a strikeout.

Wasn't he a Marlins' announcer at one point? Amazing that he would make that mistake.

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BTW, did anyone catch the nugget in Schmuck's blog that Montanez got cut from the Puerto Rico WBC team to make room for Bernie Williams? Yes, that Bernie Williams. The one who retired 3 years ago.

Matusz walks the leadoff batter, but then retires Uggla on a fly to right.

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    • Sending Jackson down does nothing, there is nothing left to prove down there. He is taking good ABs, he is working counts, he looks fine in the field etc. I have used the Cowser comp, not to say he should be sent down, in the sense that Cowser looked particularly lost at times during his callup last year. Jackson is facing some professional adversity for the first time as a professional keep running him out there.    The fortunate thing is he isn't hurting the team in a significant way right now, and when it finally does click the Orioles will be just that much better. 
    • Actually move Westburg to 7th so there’s not so many lefties in a row. 
    • I’ll go with: Gunnar SS Adley C O’Hearn 1B Tony RF Westburg 3B Mullins CF Cowser LF Kjerstad DH Holliday 2B  
    • The question is, can he be productive playing just 1-2 times a week? We don't know because he's never really been in that role. Not everyone can stay productive in a part-time role. I think the Orioles will find a way to get him in the lineup 4-5 days a week. He can play corner outfield (except I would not play him in LF in Camden), DH and 1B. He still does not look great at 1B, but he can be serviceable if it means getting his bat into the lineup. That's a decent amount of ways to keep him and others fresh. Santander probably is at risk to sit a bit more than usual, but this also gives the Orioles an opportunity to have a very left-handed heavy lineup against righties at times, with Mountcastle sitting. The Orioles left-handed heavy lineup could be: 1. Henderson - SS 2. Rutschman - C 3. O'Hearn - 1B 4. Santander - RF 5. Cowser - LF 6. Mullins - CF 7. Westburg - 3B (R) 8. Kjerstad - DH 9. Holliday - 2B Imagine having to face that lineup and then have Mountcastle, McCann, Urias and Mateo for pinch running as a bench. Now don't get me wrong, Mountcastle is not going to be benched all that much, but Kjerstad could give Santander, Cowser, Mullins (with Cowser moving to CF), O'Hearn, Mountcastle, and Rutschman when he DHing a day off.  That's a lot of ways to keep him fresh and get his bat in the lineup.  
    • If so, probably just for 2 days or so.  
    • Well, there are now 8 days left in April, so 8 days based on last year.  After that, if I recall correctly, he turns into a pumpkin until October.
    • Kjerstad also has had pretty good success vs. LHP in his career.  
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