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Orioles video on opening their Dominican Baseball Academy


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  • Tony-OH changed the title to Orioles video on opening their Dominican Baseball Academy
5 minutes ago, RZNJ said:

Makes me proud to be an Oriole fan.  Thanks.

It really does. While we know the most important part from the Orioles perspective is to attract top talent that will ultimately sign with the Orioles, the fact that they are doing so much more does make us feel proud. 

I loved the fact that they have four different groups assigned to education due to the fact that some may have high school junior level education, and some may have 2nd grade education. I also loved the fact that they are developing other skills for them that will help the many who will never see Florida or the big leagues one day without a ticket. 

I always thought about the young men that didn't make it and what they do upon return when they spent their whole lives basically hoping they would be good enough to be a major leaguer. Now we see the Orioles are helping them with that transition back and that's great to know.

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2 hours ago, justD said:

I found the segment talking about Jorge Mateo to be intriguing, given the currently popular thread about his role on the team.


I had similar thought.  Santander, who's future with the team is also questionable given contract status, was also name dropped.

Of course other players can and will replace them as role model types for these kids in the future, but you do wonder how much of a factor that kind of stuff is.  I don't think its a ton, but I also don't think its zero.

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