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Bowden Resigns


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Bowden has always been uneven in the signings and trades he has made. Acquiring Olson and Willingham looks like a decent move. Extending Dmitri Young certainly was not. I think Bowden deciding to fire Jim Bowden may just go down as one of the best moves of his career. It is a move that should get noticed and certainly something he should bring up if he ever looks for another front office position. Few GMs look outside of the box when trying to improve their teams and a GM willing to be so aggressive that he removes himself from the equation is definitely a mover and shaker.

I don't think he is done yet. I imagine a man of such talent does not sit still for long. Now, I must confess as the Nats analyst my sources may not be as solid as you may think . . . but I am getting word along the grapevine that Jim Bowden is devising a way to fine himself a rather substantial amount of money and renovating a decommissioned prison for himself as a much needed sabbatical for 3-5. Truly a man among giants.

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