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2024 Prospect Power Rankings


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On 5/2/2024 at 9:16 AM, RZNJ said:

Thanks, as always for the list.  Minor quibbles.   Carter Baumler?   Is it all about the bonus?   When I saw video from the AFL it was 91-93 with a decent curve and change.  I’d take Chace, Nunez, Young, and Forret  all over him on talent and  they all, including Young, have a better chance of not breaking down.

Prediction.  Etzel will be close to top 10 by August.

Finally saw Baumler and the fastball was in the 91-92 range and gets hit. Curve is his best pitch, but the velocity will need to tick back up. If I didn't know who he was, I would have NP'd him.

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On 5/3/2024 at 10:33 AM, Rbiggs2525 said:

Any report on Yaqui Rivera stuff? Seems to be a decent PTBNL.

The velocity has improved, up to 95 now. They still only want to use him in short stints. Sweeper/slider is his goto pitch. His change can be ok at times against lefties.

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9 hours ago, Rbiggs2525 said:

Deivy Cruz keeps showing well in the box scores. I don’t know why they gave up in a young arm starting at such a young age.

What are you trying to say?

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Updated as May 6th..

Big drop for Baumler due to velocity drop and lack of pitches thrown per start. A few new names break into top 30 and with the FCL playing one game, Almeyda and Wager (rehab) pop onto the list now that they've played.

Liranzo should show up next week.

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3 hours ago, sportsfan8703 said:

Tier 1 - Holliday, Mayo, Basallo

Tier 2 - Kjerstad, Beavers

Tier 3 - Povich, Norby, DeLeon, McDermott, EBJ

I have Povich and DeLeon are Tier 2.  DeLeon has a shot at Tier 1.

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8 minutes ago, Rbiggs2525 said:

Yeah, I just think it’s interesting to have a guy with good results relegated to reliever at 20 years old. 

I have a feeling it’s not permanent but we’ll see.   He didn’t have good command last year as a starter but they promoted him anyway.    Maybe the bullpen for now just to ease him into this level.

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6 hours ago, Gurgi said:

Obviously the Orioles drop from the number one farm system this year.  How far back do we drop?  I am guessing 6-10th.  

15-18 maybe. Cowser krejstad Ortiz will all be off. Bradford looking weak. Rightly or wrongly hollidays poor showing will take him from #1 to something lower. Lower draft pick this year. 

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24 minutes ago, baltimoriole said:

15-18 maybe. Cowser krejstad Ortiz will all be off. Bradford looking weak. Rightly or wrongly hollidays poor showing will take him from #1 to something lower. Lower draft pick this year. 


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    • Cowser is likely the starting CF next season and I don't want to trade him or Kjerstad for that matter.
    • Where do you rank Blake Snell  ?
    • I didn’t say you’d like it. You’re living in delusional world if you think that’s not close to the cost. 
    • 4.2 WAR …1.16 WHIP 6.9 H/9 …. The K/9 is not what the K guys want but not every guy needs to be a strike out pitcher.
    • That would be two mistakes.
    • I think that you are attempting to convince this board of something that we all know. I don't believe that any reasonable poster has suggested that JH isn't going to hit or be fine at the ML. You should distance yourself from anyone who believes that 34 Major League ABs (as a 20 year old) is who he is as a player. But you should also be willing to see the forest through the trees. Any consideration of trading JH goes beyond what I mention above and what you listed. I posted some of the following the other day to another member of the board but I'll go a little bit further with it. Gunnar is the SS for the Orioles for the next however many years that he decides. He's two years older than Holliday. Their defensive profiles are very different. Jackson Holliday is not pushing Gunnar to third. I've been saying this for almost two years now. What all of this comes down to is between JH and Mayo, which player's defense at their current MiLB position is more stomachable. I say that it's Mayo. Looking at both players and how they project (not just looking at them as current players) Mayo looks to me like he's more likely to stick at third than Holliday looks like he'll stick in the infield and it isn't solely because of the two of them alone. The entire makeup of the organization factors into this. Basallo still projects as a catcher but where does he play when he isn't catching or DHing? First Base. Where does Adley play if he isn't catching or DHing? First Base. Where does Kjerstad end up if he isn't moved? First Base. And so on and so on. In three years, they are going to have three guys who probably end up at 1B either because they are not good defensive players elsewhere (Kjerstad is in fact a hack in the outfield) or to save their legs (Adley and Basallo). If Mayo is on the roster, he simply cannot occupy innings at First unless one of the three guys above are moved or unless he is moved. And where does JW fit into all of this? His defense is better than JH's right now and will always be better. If JW and Mayo are on the roster, where does JH fit in the infield? His defense at 2B is not better than Mayo's defense at 3B. Do they move him to the OF like I have speculated for almost two years? If I am ME and Co. and I fully intended to keep Holliday in the organization I would have him log innings in centerfield instead of showcasing him in the infield where he doesn't offer better defense than any of Gunnar, JW, Mateo, Urias or even Mayo (in my opinion). JW and Gunnar graduated through the minors together and are close and have good rapport up the middle. I see JW's defense at 2B on par with what Gunnar does at SS if JW stops bouncing between Third and Second.  So, where does JH fit into the team going forward? To me, he doesn't. This has nothing to do with his 34 ABs this year. This doesn't even have anything to do with the defensive limitations that I have been very outspoken about for nearly two years. This has to do with the overall health and makeup of the entire organization and what is best for them to pursue a Championship at the highest level while maintaining a strong enough pipeline to sustain the winning culture that ME and Co. have worked so hard to rebuild. If JH is the headliner of a deal to acquire a top flight starter (and to be clear, this is the ONLY way that I would trade him) it allows the O's to preserve more of the strength of the organization, which is their prospect pipeline. Whether it is Skubel or another bonafide starter, JH as the headliner means not having to include other (or more) top prospects. I still have JH as the top prospect in the O's system but Mayo and Basallo have closed that gap for me. Not because of the dozen or so games for Holliday in the bigs but because the other two guys are developing and both look like they're going to be extremely productive major leaguers. Yes, they are all still prospects and until they prove themselves at the big league level, that is all that they are to the O's. But if a deal to acquire a controllable (this year + 2 more years), legitimate TOR pitcher meant having to choose between dealing the #3, #5, #8, #13 and #20 Prospects or the #1, #5 and #11 Prospects, I'm trading Holliday, Norby and Fabian before I trade Mayo, Norby, Povich, Max Wagner and Joshua Liranzo. At the end of the day it may be just as much a numbers game as anything else. Would it sting to give up Jackson Holliday? Of course it would and I am not openly advocating to move him or suggesting that I don't like the player. I've made Robinson Cano comps to him. But for the next three years, the O's would be better with a TOR starter, Mayo at 3B and JW at 2B than they would be with JW at 3B, Holliday at 2B, Mayo not getting ABs.. and not acquiring a TOR starter. Like it or not that is the reality and why I think that Holliday makes more sense to move for that bonafide TOR, controllable starter. 
    • This gets totally overlooked constantly. 
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