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2024 Aberdeen Ironbirds


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On 6/19/2024 at 9:09 PM, Just Regular said:

De Leon and Forret tandem strikes out 13 in 7 innings.

Terrible angle on the cameras for that game, but those are the top two pitching prospects on that team. Looking forward to getting better looks at them with better camera angles.

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Slightly past the halfway mark of their season, the Ironbirds stand at 36-33.  They’re 6th of 12 teams in the Sally League at 4.83 runs scored per game, which is exactly league average.  The I-Birds are 7th in OPS at .693 (.701 league average average). They’ve allowed 4.64 runs per game, which is 8th in the league despite being a tad better than the 4.83 league average, as there a couple of really poor-pitching teams who skew the league average.   Similarly, they’re 7th in ERA at 4.17, though below the league average of 4.34.   Defensively, they are 8th in fielding percentage at .969 (.971 league average), and 5th in unearned runs at 42 (45 league average).

The Ironbirds continue to be super aggressive on the bases, stealing 195 so far, 54 more than the second place team and 93 more than league average.  They’ve also been caught by far the most often (44 times, next is 30).   Their overall success rate of 81.6% is slightly better than league average 81.2%, but when you’re being successful that often, you may as well attempt steals as often as possible.   

With Matthew Etzel (.857 OPS at Aberdeen) recently promoted to Bowie, the top Ironbird hitters are Creed Willems (.785 OPS), Mac Horvath (.737) and Enrique Bradfield Jr. (.700).  Willems leads with 11 homers and there is so little power on the team that Coby Mayo is tied 4th on the team, with 3 homers in his 4 rehab games there.  Bradfield leads the Sally League with 34 steals.

The top Ironbird starters/quasi-starters are Edgar Portes (2.32 ERA in 54.1 IP), Jackson Baumeister (2.61 ERA in 51.2 IP,  Moises Chace (3.16 ERA in 37.0 IP), and Zach Fruit (3.88 ERA in 53.1 IP.   Luis De Leon (4.37 ERA in 22.2 IP) has struggled a bit since his promotion to Aberdeen, but has shown flashes.  Reliever Yaqui Rivera (1.88 ERA in 28.2 IP) has been effective despite a modest K rate for a reliever (8.5).   Michael Forret was recently promoted and doesn’t have his land legs yet (5.59 ERA in 9.2 innings), but is whiffing a lot of guys (14.9 K rate so far).   

Overall, there’s a few guys worth watching on the Ironbirds but nobody who’s really blowing me away right now.  I think the pitchers are more interesting than the hitters for the most part.   

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