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If you could change/update/renovate a few things at Camden Yards...what would you do?


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Show video replays on the Top board (which is bigger)

As they switch over to HD (what they are supposed to be working on this off-season), they probably will start doing that. Both boards are now capable.

Always have every score on the out of town board at the same time (it scrolled through last year)

I was told that it's a balance between showing everything at once, or rotating through and showing more information (in a larger size so it's easier to see) about every game.

Show highlights of out of town games

Don't know anything about that. I think they've done it in the past, though.

Sell $2 scorecards inside the park, instead of making ppl pay $5 for the Orioles Magazine Scorecard.

Oh, they definitely do that. I buy one that way every time I go to a game. And as mentioned I think it's $1 (might be $2 now, though).

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Along those lines, my preferred addition would be a monument park that actually consists of life size bronze statues along with plates on the ground telling their stories/stats. It would be something kids and parents could walk around and talk about. If we could do something similar by incorporating it into the warehouse, all the better.

You mean something like the numbers out on the plaza and the OHOF plaques on Eutaw Street? :P

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If there is any space, I'd like to see a park area like San Diego has. As much as I like Camden Yards, I was blown away by the relaxing atmosphere at Petco Park. The green hill and mini-ballpark for kids add a nice touch and take you back to the simple days of baseball in the park.

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They should have “Wild Bill” Hagy cooler day twice a year. Fans are allowed to bring in their favorite beverages as long as it’s placed in a cooler and you have a designated driver. Also, anyone that participates gets a coupon for a half priced BBQ platter at Boog’s.

This will never happen but sure would be sweet.

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I've thought about this thread for several days, and except for bringing in the Loizeauxs and Controlled Demolition Inc. to bring down that monstrosity hotel in LF... I wouldn't change a thing.

Maybe charge $3 for Coors Light/Miller Lite/swill and only $6 for a decent microbrew. Instead of the usury prices they charge...

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Hmm...excellent question.

    Bring back the big Coke advertisement on the back of the scoreboard.
    Replace the birds on top of the scoreboard, or just touch them up.
    Have fried Oreo's in the concession stand... best ...treat...ever.

I'll come back with more.

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So what if it is? Doesn't mean it isn't a simple, fun thing to have between innings.

Not everything has to be 100% original.

(And if you "just made those up", then your point is moot anyway ;))

Yeah, but it's simple and fun in a hit-yourself-in-the-head-with-a-hammer kind of way. :)

I want my ballpark experience to be interesting, not rote. Not everything needs to come from the Ballpark Entertainment rulebook.

Page 1: Take Me out to the Ballgame at the 7th-inning stretch.

Page 2: YMCA

Page 3: Guess which (local variation) has the baseball and/or dot races.

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The Reds have the steam whistles (Pepsi Power Stacks) at their stadium, fitting since the backdrop to their stadium is the Ohio River where steamboats would travel.

Hmmm.. I didn't know that. Well, I still think it would be cool for the warehouse. I sent the O's my suggestion yesterday, they thought it was a "cute" idea:



Subject: Steam Whistles


Mount some old fashioned steam whistles to the warehouse and let them blow whenever the O's hit a home run. They make a cool LOUD sound and it fits in with Camden Yards being an old railroad sight.

Dear Mr. Lears,

Thank you for your interest in the Orioles.

We appreciate your suggestion, it is definitely a cute idea! I have forwarded it along to management and those in charge of the actual Warehouse and they will then look it over and make a decision if needed.

See you at The Yard!


Carey Paytas

Communications Assistant

Baltimore Orioles

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