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More Impressive Start to their Career? Machado or Henderson?

Matt Bennett

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Machado (207 games) vs. Henderson (202 games)

1. 7.5 bWAR vs. 8.0 bWAR

2. 912 PA vs. 835 PA

3. 239 hits vs. 194 hits

4. 21 HR vs. 38 HR

5. 97 RBI vs. 115 RBI

6. 8 SB's vs. 15 SB's

7. .279 BA vs. 259 BA

8. .309 OBP vs. 331 OBP

9. .435 SLG vs. .493 SLG

10. .744 OPS vs. .823 OPS

11. 101 OPS+ vs. 130 OPS+

12. All-Star + Gold Glove + MVP-9 vs. ROY + Silver Slugger + MVP-8

Henderson was clearly more advanced offensively upon debuting, but he was 13 months older. Machado was the more fluid defender I'd say. It's super close in my opinion.

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Most of Manny’s value his first 3 seasons came from his amazing defense.  Gunnar’s a very good defender, but Manny was otherworldly for a while.  He didn’t really mature as a hitter until he’d been in the league for 2.3 seasons.  Gunnar’s been by far the better hitter early, but will he hit another gear in a year or two like Manny did?   Hard to know.  

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I would say they are pretty close both in stats and eye/wow factor.   I would give the very very slight edge to Manny only because he made some plays in the field that were other worldly (Gunnar makes his fair share as well) and he was a year younger when he started.  Plus the team really got a boost from the very first game he played in.


But I mean it really is nitpicking.   To me it is like trying to decide who is better looking.  Megan Fox in her Prime or Kim Chaewon from Le Sserrafim.    Both are 10's in my eyes. 

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1 hour ago, sportsfan8703 said:

Gunnar. His bat is Elite. He’s on pace for about a 54HR/33 SB season right now. Machado was the better defender at 3B, but Manny could never hold down SS with consistency the way Gunnar has. 

Hard to say hiw Manny would have been as a SS if he’d played it right from the start in the majors.  Due to Hardy’s presence, he essentially played 3B for 5.3 seasons before ever getting a shot as full time SS.   By that time he’d lost some speed and range and was rusty at the ins and outs of SS.

If 2012-14 Hardy was on this team, Gunnar would be at 3B, watching Hardy win his three Gold Gloves.  

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