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O's @ Red Sox 3/15/09


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What were they giving Reimold a hard time about?

Yesterday they were just making fun of him because they didnt know who he was so they kept calling him THE Nolan Reimold, just being real sarcastic, he shut them up though with 2 homeruns in 3 at bats between today and yesterday

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Minor league contract for Wolf? He's not one of our minor leaguers, is he?

Full count. Weak dribbler to Rojas who had no chance. Single, Lars Anderson up.

Yea hes on a MiL contract, someone Kranitz knew while in Flordia and I guess wanted to take another look at him, really no chance he breaks camp with the club as far as I see it

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An uncontested steal of second, runner not being held. Dorta makes another diving stop, whirls and throws for the last out.

Mighty O's Win, Lowly Sox Lose. 6 to 2. :clap3:

Thanks again as always Billy, I know its only ST but it sure does feel good to see the O's win two in a row against the Sox! I gotta spread some rep around before giving you more though apparently. As always, fantastic job!

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What were they giving Reimold a hard time about?

It wasn't just Reimold it was what the said about the whole team. They basically didn't anything about what is going on currently and just badmouthed us the whole game. You bottom feeders and stuff like that. Plus that just made mistakes about players referred to Markakis as an all star and a switch hitter. etc.

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